September 30th, 2012


Asian-American Actors Turn to Chinese Film Market

Asian superstar Andy Lau and Osric Chau.

Increasingly Asian actors from North America are finding that China provides the opportunities that are lacking in Hollywood. Liu Wei reports in Beijing.

Osric Chau, 26, found himself on the set of his first Chinese film, a remake of the 2000 Hollywood hit What Women Want, on a spring day of 2010. Having portrayed a Tibetan monk in Roland Emmerich's disaster epic 2012, the Vancouver-born Chinese got the role to work with Asian superstar Andy Lau soon after he arrived in Beijing.

He thought he recognized Lau standing not far from him and went up to him, to get to know him and practice his Chinese. He struggled in Chinese for 15 minutes and eventually discovered the man was Lau's photo double.

"We talked about regular things, like nice to meet you, how is the film, just about everything except his name," Chau recalls, laughing. "For a while I did wonder how he could look so young and then I told myself it was because he was Andy Lau and he keeps in good shape."

While China is where Chau's ancestors come from, it was still full of surprises.

"One thing that I love about working in China is the possibilities," he says.

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You stay classy Hollywood. ¬_¬