September 26th, 2012

Laure Shang Wenjie

SOP Queen releases new posters for Taiwanese premier


Drama SOP Queen is finally airing in Taiwan in October, and along with the airing are pretty new posters of the leads Chen Qiao’en, Zhang Han, Godfrey Gao and Coco Jiang!  The drama will be airing on the prime time drama spot on Sundays on FTV, marking the first time for Zhang Han to be making it on the premier drama spot in Taiwan.  Chen Qiao’en an Godfrey Gao has also started doing promotions for the series.

source: cfensi

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Faye Wong (王菲) is being celebrated by Harper’s Bazaar.

The venerable US fashion magazine founded in 1867 is celebrating 25 years in Asia.

They couldn’t have chosen a better fashion icon than the 43-year-old Beijing singer.

Faye is lauded for her influence, never smiling, keeping her private life private, and standing up for women.

She’s also smoking hot btw.

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