September 25th, 2012


Aaron Kwok's stallion wins its first race

Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok has spared no effort in expressing his love for girlfriend Lynn Hung…through, of all things, his horse. The horse lover who bought a stallion last year, dressed it in red for its first race last Sunday to express his love for his girlfriend of six years.

Lynn, however, did not attend the race because she did not want to divert attention from the horse. To show support for her boyfriend, Lynn placed an HK$200 (approximately S$15.80) bet on his stallion and went to a restaurant to watch a live broadcast of the race.
Aaron, who arrived early at the race, exclaimed, "I'm very nervous, I've never been this nervous when I was filming."

After his horse, named Love Call, won the race, the superstar praised it for being "strong like the famous Hong Kong actor Bruce Lee' and that it was like "˜another horse when he first bought it'.

In related news, Lynn revealed that she will be touring Hong Kong with her family during the upcoming Moon Cake Festival period. She would, however, be skipping Aaron's boyfriend concert as the travelling might tire out her parents.


Ngl, I thought the title was a metaphor for something lol

Airport welcome turns bloody messy for Hebe’s fan

In Shanghai to perform along heavyweights such as Jay Chou and Wilbur Pan at a concert held yesterday, it was a warm airport welcome gone wrong for a male fan of Hebe Tien when the singer arrived at the airport.

According to reports, said fan got too close for comfort while snapping photos of his idol. To keep a distance between the singer and the songstress, Hebe’s bodyguard stepped in and pushed the fan aside. The bodyguard also kicked the fan’s face in the process which resulted in a bloody mess.

Responding to the matter, Hebe’s management company HIM International Music explained that the bodyguard requested for the fan to keep his distance but his advice fell on deaf ears which led to the tussle.  

They reiterated that Hebe constantly reminds her fans to keep calm and avoid messing with the bodyguards to prevent themselves from getting into trouble.