September 23rd, 2012


X-Rated Aiya: Is Tavia Yeung doing what it looks like she's doing?

Hong Kong TVB stars Tavia Yeung (杨怡) and Him Law (罗仲谦) appear to have been having a bit of hanky-panky in Him’s car.

They were photographed in a compromising position after a night out with friends.

Tavia’s head was photographed propped against Him’s thighs in the pictures.

Him reportedly arranged to fetch Tavia home after her dinner with classmates.

The actress left the place in a cab at around 1am that night with her pals and was later seen alighting from the vehicle in a dark alley to board Him’s car, which was trailing behind the cab.

The 33-year-old starlet responded to speculation about their nocturnal meeting of minds and parts o her microblog.

“As a public figure, I know that we have to be responsible for our own actions. However, do you have any basic respect for others as a reporter?  You can write whatever you want, but why aren’t you writing the truth? Why are you twisting the facts? Where’s your conscience?”

TVB executive Virginia Lok (乐易玲) clarified on Thursday morning that Tavia was resting on Him’s thighs as she was drunk that night, and stressed that she wasn’t gobbling his bits.

The couple held a press conference on Thursday afternoon, saying they may sue.


Wutchoo think Aiya? Unfortunate position or obvious uh...

金城武//Perfect hair day

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Still waiting for my turn!! Even though I have it both on DVD and VCD!! HE WILL COME!!