September 16th, 2012


Abusive Director Cheung Wing Ho publicly apologizes to Jenny Lau

Director Cheung Wing Ho was shooting TVB new series Heart Road GPS with newcomer Jenny Lau, and was accused of being abusive on the set. Yesterday there were new developments to the incident, not only did Director Cheung made a public apology to Jenny, TVB also gave him a warning letter. Last night Eileen Cha's interview with Director Cheung and Jenny Lau was aired on Scoop. Jenny mentioned what happened that night: "At first, I didn't have to get the plastic bag over my head, but then it was added in. I did mention that I was afraid of frogs ("tin kai"), and the Director did ask me if I was afraid, but I insisted on shooting the scene."

When Eileen interviewed Director Cheung, she asked him if he'll apologize to Jenny? Director Cheung said: "I have room for improvements in my own EQ, perhaps I've been too stubborn towards my work, I'm sorry. (Will you apologize to everyone who was scolded by you?) I will say sorry to everyone, hope to wipe it all away." As for Jenny, she couldn't hold in her tears as she expressed she didn't feel wronged because newcomers hope to work hard to overcome the hardships and to do the best. Then Eileen Cha pulled in the ropes and got the two to shake hands. Director Cheung apologized to Jenny one more time.

TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs (Tsang Sing Ming) expressed: "After getting an understanding of the entire incident, we have issued a warning letter to Director Cheung Wing Ho. We warn him that he can no longer be using such abusive language to his colleagues. What's most important now is to find the source of where the video leaked." Director Cheung later accepted another interview over the phone, and expressed he has not received a warning letter from TVB.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @