September 14th, 2012


David Tao’s father Tao Dawei dies of cancer

Singer David Tao’s father, veteran entertainer Tao Tawei, died of cancer on Wednesday. David thanked reporters for showing concern for his father who was famous for his comic performances.

Tawei, who was 70 years old, had been ill since last year. According to reports, he suffered from burst blood vessels earlier this year and was admitted to the hospital in April. Rumours that he was suffering from cancer started circulating this year.

David however, denied the rumours then and stated that his father was recovering.

When Tawei passed away on Wednesday, David confirmed the news and issued a statement about his father’s passing. He stated that his fun-loving dad passed away peacefully at 3pm on Wednesday. The singer and his family thanked those who showed them concern and asked for the media to give them time to grief during this difficult period.



Shirley Kwan resurfaces after going missing for 36 hours

Hong Kong singer Shirley Kwan, 46, was reportedly feeling suicidal and went missing for 36 hours. Shirley had left an ambiguous message around 4am on her Facebook. After that, she switched off her phone and was not contactable, causing concern among her friends and family.

After going missing for 36 hours, the singer finally contacted her sister around 5pm on Tuesday afternoon. Her manager, Marianne Wong, was relieved to finally hear from Shirley. She revealed that the singer is still very troubled over her feelings and would not appear in the public for a while.

Reports have suggested that the reason for her sudden outburst was the breakdown in talks for her new contract. The singer reportedly felt unappreciated and became emotionally unstable.

Regarding the situation, her company had admitted that the collaboration between the singer and the company fell through because they both had different views. However, when asked if they would still work with the singer, they answered that they would but not right now.



Carina Lau: Tony Leung to Put Film On Hold Due to Backlash

With the ongoing disputes between Japan and China over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, the relationship between the two countries have gotten increasingly intense. With anti-Japanese sentiments escalating in recent days, Tony Leung has taken a beating after announcing his participation in the Japanese film 1905. Netizens have condemned him for not having a backbone. Yesterday night, Tony's wife Carina Lau attended a banquet held by the Emperor Group. She expressed that Tony will be putting the film on hold indefinitely. Tony's management company Jet Tone also expressed that he has yet to sign the contract for the film.

Yesterday's banquet was held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Emperor Group. The star-studded affair attracted not only celebrities, but many elite businessmen and distinguished politicians. Casino tycoon Stanley Ho attended the event accompanied by his fourth wife Angela Leong and son Arnaldo. While he hasn't been seen in public lately, he appeared to be in good spirits. Henderson Land Development Chairman Lee Shau-kee attended the banquet along with his son Martin Lee and his daughter-in-law Cathy Tsui. Cheung Kong Holdings Chairman Li Ka Shing, Henry Tang Ying-yen, Tsang Hin-chi, Paula Tsui, Hong Xian Nu, Donnie Yen, Jennifer Tse, Andy On, Deborah Lee, EEG big-sister Joey Yung, Nicholas Tse, Twins, Alien Sun, Fan Bing Bing, Christy Chung, Connie Chan, Andy Lau and Ge You also attended the event. Out of all the attendees, Carina and Cathy Tsui were the most eye catching. Carina had a low plunging dress, while Cathy revealed her bare back.

When asked whether she's aware of the backlash Tony has received from netizens, Carina responds, "Of course! But it seems like the film was in the works since 2009. The film has been pushed back until now because he hasn't had time in his schedule." With the escalating tension between Japan and China, will he consider stepping down from the project? "I think it will be postponed indefinitely."

Carina believes that reasonable people would not place the blame on the director or the actors. As for netizens calling Tony a 'Han Traitor' and requesting he apologizes? Carina angrily says, "Is that really necessary? I hope people will view the issue more rationally." Tony's management company Jet Tone has issued a statement saying the discussions for the film began back in 2009. However, Tony has not seen the script yet and has not officially signed onto the project.

Source: Mingpao
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