September 13th, 2012


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Old picture of Andy Lau, Sandra Ng, Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung


Welcome to the weekly free forum post.  Here you'll find the week's Top 5 News Stories, any comm announcements and a list of celeb birthdays for the week.  This is also an anything-goes post.  Comment on the news, wish your fave a happy birthday or go completely off-topic, as long is it isn't against general comm rules.  Post will be made every Thursday.


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TVB director abuses new actress

Tony Leung to star in first Japanese movie

More arrests made in the Justin Lee case

Yen J releases new MV

Selena Jen's first flight after recovery


Chinese retired basketball star Yao Ming turning 32 on September 12th

Hong Kong singer and actress Kelly Chen turning 39 on September 13th

Viet director Tony Bui turning 39 on September 14th

Taiwan singer/diva Jolin Tsai turning 32 on September 15th

Singaporean singer Kit Chan turning 40 on September 15th

If there are any birthdays not mentioned here between Sept.9th and Sept 15th, please let us know in the comments.