September 12th, 2012


China maintains silence on Xi, rumor mill on overdrive

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese authorities and media remained silent on the whereabouts of Vice President Xi Jinping on Wednesday, sparking rumors and raising questions over why Beijing is not being more forthcoming on the health of its president-in-waiting.

Xi has skipped meetings with visiting leaders and senior officials over the past week, including U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, because of what sources told Reuters was a possible back injury suffered while swimming.

Xi has not been seen in public since September 1 but Chinese officials have refused to give any explanation for his absence from the public stage, giving rise to bizarre speculation on the country's Internet rumor mill.

Xi failed to appear on state television's evening broadcast on Wednesday, which featured almost every other member of the nine-man Politburo Standing Committee, China's top political body.

Among various theories being floated, the 59-year-old Xi has had a stroke or heart attack or was the target of an assassination attempt.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei, asked on Wednesday for the third consecutive day about Xi's health, again declined to respond. "I don't have any information about this to announce," he said.

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TVB newcomer Jenny Lau treated harshly by abusive Director

TVB newcomer Jenny Lau is currently shooting new series Heart Road GPS. A few days ago, Jenny was shooting a scene where debt collectors were after her, she had to get a plastic bag shoved over her head, get pushed into the wall and get threatened with frogs. Because she couldn’t meet Director Cheung Wing Ho’s expectations, she had to re-film the scene several times and Director Cheung was being very forceful while teaching her how to do the scene. Jenny was so frightened she instantly started crying hard. Because of this, Director Cheung was accused of being abusive. Since the incident was exposed, Jenny did not wish to comment too much and just kept it all in. Yesterday both Jenny and Director Cheung were called back to meet TVB executives Au Wai Lam and Catherine Tsang. They were each asked to explain the whole incident in detail.

Yesterday reporters contacted Jenny, she admitted she is feeling emotional: “I was surprised myself when I saw the playback. Initially I wanted to just let the incident fade and I have to thank the producer for giving me the opportunity. I’m just trying to do my own part and want the best for TVB. Actually last night, I worked with the director again. He apologized to me and we’re fine now. (Do you think his directing style is problematic?) I don’t know his style. I just do whatever he says.” Jenny reveals her mother has been suffering from cancer for 8 years and recently had a relapse. She’s worried her mother, who is in Mainland, will find out about this incident and be worried.

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Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

This story is making the rounds just about everywhere now with people expressing their outrage so I figured it should be here. Another article and the video can be found here at JayneStars.