September 7th, 2012



A young woman has been slammed for faking an accident in Kaohsiung.

She ran toward a car, which had stopped meters away, dived and lay on the hood, panting, then dramatically slipped to the ground.

The event data recorder installed in the car recorded the ridiculous moment.

The driver, a middle-aged man, got out and angrily ordered the cheater to, “Get the fuck up! I’ve got EDR in my car.”

The woman quickly apologized and ran away.

The general opinion was that her acting is very poor.

“This should only appear in Stephen Chow‘s (周星驰) films,” said “Huang Han-wei (黃瀚緯)” on Facebook.

“Idiot! The car had stopped,” commented “billy10715″ on YouTube.

Similar scams have also been reported in Korea.



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Hebe rumored to be in a lesbian relationship again

As the only unmarried member of S.H.E, Hebe Tien’s recent activities with her manager have brought on a new wave of rumours questioning her sexuality yet again. The woman in question this time is Hebe’s manager, Liao Huicheng, said to be the singer’s “good friend” and previous personal assistant.

On the 16th last month, the duo was seen whispering into each other’s ears as they walked around the park with their arms hooked around each other. Liao was even seen giving Hebe massages from time to time during their short visit to the park.

Adding on to that, Lian was said to have spent a night at the 29-year-old singer’s living premises recently. They were seen arriving at Hebe’s apartment at 11.40pm that night and Liao only left at 1pm the next day, after spending 13 hours at Hebe’s house.

A rep from Hebe’s management company, HIM International, stated that it is “not a big issue” and normal for a manager to visit their artiste’s house.

More ~scandelous~ pics @ Source