September 6th, 2012


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Wilber Pan on his Facebook this week


Welcome to the weekly free forum post.  Here you'll find the week's Top 5 News Stories, any comm announcements and a list of celeb birthdays for the week.  This is also an anything-goes post.  Comment on the news, wish your fave a happy birthday or go completely off-topic, as long is it isn't against general comm rules.  Post will be made every Thursday.


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Stephen Chow's Ex sues him to the tune of 80Mil

Deserts Chang releases new MV

Thai rock band Big Ass reveal new frontman

Chinese Remake of Roman Holiday on the way?

Elva Hsiao and Kai Ko convince no one that they're not dating


Thai director Prachya Pinkaew turning 50 on September 2

Hong Kong actor Ron Ng turning 33 on September 2

Hong Kong actress Mandy Cho turning 30 on September 2

Taiwan actor and singer Danson Tang turning 28 on September 2

Hong Kong actor and singer Daniel Chan turning 37 on September 3

Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen turning 41 on September 4

Mainland actress Yu Nan turning 34 on September 5

Hong Kong actress and singer Yumiko Cheng turning 31 on September 6

Taiwan singer Jing Chang turning 29 on September 6

If there are any birthdays not mentioned here between Sept.2nd and Sept 8th, please let us know in the comments.

Any American fans willing to meet Huang Xiaoming at the airport on Sept 20th?

Please disregard the the other post I made about this, since I finally got a concrete detail from the HXM fanclub on Weibo, and the situation has changed a bit.

What I learned is that Huang Xiaoming will be arriving in America on Thursday, Sept 20th! But there’s some good and bad news.

Good news: If we can gather 10 fans who want to do an airport meeting, then the fanclub will let us arrange a meeting.
Bad news: We have no idea what time or which airport. Apparently that is a detail I don’t need to know at the moment. =_=

In a way, we are sort of in the same situation, except we now have a date. So this is a call for all HXM fans who are free on Thursday, Sept 20th for a possible meeting.

I realize this is a very inconvenient time for just about everyone, not to mention we have no idea of the time frame or location. But if you are interested and are free on the 20th, please comment here, message me, or ask on Tumblr with (1) your name (real first name), (2) your location (city, state), and (3) your email address. Please do this again even if you’ve sent something for the previous post, so I can get a more accurate count.

Again, please share this with anyone who might be interested! Thank you so much, and I’m sorry for all the posts about this lately. I just don’t want to pass up this chance.