September 1st, 2012


Victor Wong goes on honeymoon in Canada

After tying the knot with his sweetheart of five years, Jennifer, in January this year, Malaysian-born Victor Wong has been busy with his performances and filming schedules, leaving him little quality time to spend with his wife.

When he was invited to perform at Canada’s TaiwanFest, the singer decided to bring along his wife to enjoy a belated honeymoon. According to reports, the singer faced considerable jetlag after arriving in Toronto and yawned repeatedly during rehearsals. Victor is said to have drank champagne to try to acclimatize quickly to the Canadian time-zone.

The performance in Toronto attracted almost a thousand fans. Female fans were seen waving boards with Victor’s name, even going to the extent of listing their mobile numbers on them. Jennifer is said to have teased Victor, joking that he had to remember to call them soon.

With a hectic schedule, it wasn’t much of a honeymoon for the couple, as Victor reportedly fell asleep immediately after a long day. In the day, however, he explored Canada with his wife, went shopping and even visited Niagara Falls.


Anyone go to that? :o

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