August 26th, 2012


Ananda has to limit himself

Aging. Yea it sucks. Thailand’s superstar actor Ananda Everingham has been noticing lately that he can’t do the things he did before like having no sleep but still being able to function normally. Now he has to limit himself from drinking, eating, and going out. He can’t live the fast life as much as before.

‘I am the type of person who doesn’t know how to balance his life. When I work hard, I should go home and sleep, instead I go out. I think that if I work and then go home to sleep, it’s a little suffering. At least going out, doing something nonsensical, it gives you personal happiness.’

What did you do?
‘See my friends, drink beer, but now I have been noticing, my body is not like before. I can’t be just be getting 2 hours of sleep each night anymore, it adds up.’

He has to sleep now. Before he could not sleep for 2 days 2 night and be okay for work.

Source: via iheartlakorns

How old is he anyway? I thought he was still youngish, oop