August 24th, 2012


Playboy Perv turns himself in after 23 days on the run

It was only a matter of time before disgraced Taiwanese heir Li Zongrui finally ended his days on the run. After 23 days of hiding, he ended the nationwide search when he called the police yesterday afternoon to turn himself in. He has been on the run for alleged drug-rape charges that have rocked the Taiwanese entertainment industry due to the long list of female celebrities involved.

At 8.35pm last night, Zongrui turned up at a police station, accompanied by three lawyers. After alighting from a car and proclaiming, "I am Li Zongrui", he quickly dashed into the station to avoid being caught on camera by the group of reporters present.

Zongrui has denied charges of drugging the women and filming them secretly, claiming that those caught on camera were willing parties who knew about the recordings. He asserted that he was framed by a female model.

The authorities did a body-check to ascertain if he was indeed the man in the videos and also conducted a urine test to check if Zongrui had consumed any controlled substances.

This morning, Zongrui was formally charged in court where he was denied bail and detained at the Taipei Detention Center as he is deemed to be at risk of fleeing and had no record of mental illnesses.

A lady by the name of Chen Meilan also turned herself in for aiding and hiding Zongrui while he was on the run. She is reportedly a family member who stays in Taichung and works in the insurance industry.