August 22nd, 2012



Della Ding (丁当) and Taiwan-based Malaysian singer Fish Leong (梁靜茹) dominated the music charts from August 14 to 21 in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Check out the 10 most popular songs on the two music charts, and scroll down to enjoy the music video of a duet by Shin (信), the former leading singer of the Taiwan rock band Shin Band (信樂團), and fellow singer A-Lin (黃麗玲). They are both known for their powerful voices.

Here are the top five songs in China during that week.

1. I’m Still Me (我还是一样) by Della Ding

2. I Know You Know (我知道你都知道) by Jacky Xue (薛之谦)

3. Actually I’m Not That Strong (其实我没那么坚强) by Gary Ni (倪新宇)

4. Find A Man to Marry (找个男人就嫁了吧) by Sheng Yao (晟瑶)

5. Know You Better Than Anyone Else (远远懂你的人) by Fan Fan (樊凡)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. Showers (偶陣雨) by Fish Leong

2. Forgot (忘了) by Rainie Yang (楊丞琳)

3. That Girl by Angela Chang (張韶涵)

4. What Are You Waiting For? (你在等什麼) by Jiro Wang (汪東城)

5. Hug in the Strong Wind (狂風裡擁抱) by Shin and A-Lin



Vietnamese films enter Toronto, Montreal film festivals

Two Vietnamese films will screen at the Montreal World Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada this month and next.

Tam hon me (Mother’s Soul) by director Pham Nhue Giang will be one of the 432 films from 80 countries and territories worldwide to be shown at the Montreal event August 23 until September 3.

The film features a single mom’s complicated life with her two children. Teenage actress Phung Hoa Hoai Linh was awarded Best Female Actor at the 8th International Asia Africa Film Festival in Dubai last year for her role as a little girl named Thu in the film.

Pham Nhue Giang’s feature film also won Best Feature Film Award at the Golden Kite Award held early this year in Hanoi.

Lay chong nguoi ta (In the Name of Love) by director Luu Huynh will make its world debut at the Toronto festival’s Contemporary World Cinemas category, along with 62 other features September 6-16. The event will feature over 300 films from 60 countries and territories worldwide.

Lay chong nguoi ta will compete for the People’s Choice Award, the only award at the event. Lay chong nguoi ta features a love triangle inspired by tragic Greek myths.

In Vietnam, Lay chong nguoi ta is scheduled to open in theaters on September 21.

Last year, the gay film Hot boy noi loan (Lost in Paradise) by director Vu Ngoc Dang was Vietnam’s only representative at the Toronto Film Fest.