August 20th, 2012


Third win of 2012 for Han Han at Ordos


Han Han of Shanghai VW 333 Racing took his third win of the season at the fifth round of the CTCC at the Ordos International Circuit. Han's team-mate Wang Rue finished second with Rainey He of Chang'an Ford FRD Team in third.
The pole-sitter Rainey He made a mistake on the opening lap and dropped to eighth place. Han Han, Guo Hua Yang and Wang Rue were able to move up into the top three positions as a result.

There was more trouble for the Chang'an Ford FRD Team on top of He's error; Fan Guo Xian also lost several positions at the start, whilst Andy Yan was forced to pit on lap two with a puncture. Jiang Tengyi retired on the tenth lap, pulling straight into the garage.

Rainey He overtook Wang Rue on lap nine, but he was spun around when he tried to overtake Guo Hua Yang four laps later, which dropped him back to fourth. The three Volkswagen Polos held on after this to initially complete a clean podium sweep for the Shanghai VW 333 Racing team.

Guo Hua Yang was later penalised for his role in the incident with Rainey He, which gave He the final spot on the podium.

Ziang Zhi Qiang of G Racing had an action-packed battle with Cheung Hon Bil of GDTV TSB Racing during the latter part of the race. Cheung was able to pass Ziang on the last lap and claimed what became fourth position following Guo's exclusion.

The sixth round of the 2012 CTCC will be held on September 23rd at the Guangdong International Circuit.
01Han Han
02Wang Rue+6.999
03Rainey He+7.261
04Cheung Hon Bil+31.218
05Ziang Zhi Qiang+32.276
06Kenneth Look+37.293
07Roger Leung Tai Ming+37.538
08Fan Gao Xian+38.359
09Michael Soong+1:13.047
10Andy Yan+1 Lap

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Gu Kailai gets suspended death sentence


By John Ruwitch

HEFEI, China | Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:42am EDT

(Reuters) - China sentenced the wife of fallen Politburo member Bo Xilai to death on Monday but suspended her execution, setting the stage for a possible final purge of Bo himself in a scandal that has shaken Beijing ahead of a leadership transition.

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Source: reuters

Gu Kailai gets suspended death sentence in China

By Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times

August 20, 2012

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Source: the LA Times


Anti-Japan Protests Erupt in China Over Disputed Island

HONG KONG — Anti-Japanese protests spread across China over the weekend, and the landing of Japanese activists on a disputed island on Sunday sharply intensified tensions between the two countries.

Protesters took to the streets in nearly a dozen Chinese cities on Saturday and Sunday in response to Japan’s detention on Wednesday and deportation on Friday of a separate group of activists from Hong Kong, Macau and China who had landed on the same island, part of a chain of uninhabited islands known as the Diaoyu in China and the Senkakus in Japan. Demonstrations took place in cities up and down China’s eastern provinces, according to Xinhua, the official news agency.

The Chinese state news media portrayed the demonstrations as fairly small, each involving fewer than 200 people, and not extending to inland provinces. But photographs posted on Sina Weibo, the country’s most widely used microblogging service, suggested that the crowds had been far larger. In one photo said to be from the southwestern city of Chengdu, deep in China’s interior, the number of protesters appeared to be in the thousands.

“Defend the Diaoyu Islands to the death,” one banner said. Another said, “Even if China is covered with graves, we must kill all Japanese.”

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Laure Shang Wenjie

Fall in Love with Tong Liya’s new bob


Tong Liya will have some help shaking off her look as the elegant “ice beauty” of Beijing Love Story. Instead of Shen Bing’s long locks, Yu Huxin of Fall In Love 恋爱的那点事儿 has a short bob, with bangs. She meets Du Chun in their second drama , , where Du Chun is the deputy of “CES”. With such a title as “Fall in Love”, it should be expected that the drama will revolve around love. Four types of girls will be personified in the series, from Tong Liya’s Yu Huxin (who stirs the originally clear waters of love into a muddy state), to those who would rather have a poor man with love than a millionaire without it; from those “snail women” who think of marriage as a form of protection to those with hearts that scorn the strong but ache for the dull. Look under the cut for more stills from the series.

source: cfensi

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Laure Shang Wenjie

Li Yuchun, Jean Paul Gaultier for Cosmopolitan


Having been spotted in France in an impressive array a while ago, Li Yuchun now covers the September edition of Cosmopolitan, revealing the finished product of that photoshoot. Look under the cut to see her pose with haute designer Jean Paul Gaultier. She carries herself in a variety of different styles – both feminine and tomboyish; aloof and friendly.

source: cfensi
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