August 16th, 2012


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Welcome to the weekly free forum post.  Here you'll find the week's Top 5 News Stories, any comm announcements and a list of celeb birthdays for the week.  This is also an anything-goes post.  Comment on the news, wish your fave a happy birthday or go completely off-topic, as long is it isn't against general comm rules.  Post will be made every Thursday.


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      Olympics are over, but what would you guys think of adding Thai and Vietnamese entertainment to the comm?

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Taiwan Playboy is found to have drug-raped loads of women, videotaped it

Rail Ministry, Zhang Yimou involved in kickbacks

Chinese Films to come to American homes

First Malaysian to win Olympic medal

M.I.C releases digital album


Hong Kong singer and actor Andy Hui turning 45 on August 12

Hong Kong singer and actor Kevin Cheng who turned 43 on August 15

Hong Kong actress and singer Shirley Kwan turning 46 on August 15

Hong Kong singer G.E.M turning 22 on August 16

Hong Kong actress and singer Karena Lam turning 34 on August 17

Hong Kong actress Jessica Hsuan turning 42 on August 18

Hong Kong actor and singer Leo Ku turning 40 on August 18

If there are any birthdays not mentioned here between August 12th and August 18th, please let us know in the comments.