August 13th, 2012

Laure Shang Wenjie

Scar of Heaven newbies reunite in the present for Xuanyuan Sword Online

When the “Emperor of the Earth” gets reborn in the present time, when the evil comes to attack, how will the daughter of Nvwa save the day? Through a video game, of course! The two newbies of Xuanyuan Sword: Scar of Heaven, Jiang Jinfu and Gulnazar, return for a minimovie to advertise the Xuanyuan Sword online game. Watch the trailer below from @YouTube. English subbed, too!


Eason Chan’s wife slammed for “ill-mannered Chinese” comment

Eason Chan's wife just can't stay out of trouble. Not long after reports of Hilary Tsui's wild partying were published, the couple brought their daughter, Constance, to Vancouver for a holiday, where Hilary made a comment about the Chinese which has led to widespread anger.

While on holiday, Eason and his family were having a meal at a noodle restaurant when other patrons, believed to be Chinese, started using their mobile phones to take photographs of the family.

The upset Hilary then decided to respond by sneaking photographs of those whom she believed had done the same to her and uploaded the pictures on her micro-blog. She captioned the photos, "Ill-mannered Chinese. Our family of three is having a normal meal while on holiday but they kept snapping away - they have no respect!"

Her post angered many Chinese and netizens voiced their frustrations in their comments. Upon realising that her post was offensive, Hilary deleted the content within a minute of posting it - unfortunately, eagle-eyed netizens had already captured screen shots of the post and re-uploaded it, garnering 20,000 comments in less than an hour.

Yesterday morning, Hilary updated her micro-blog again to try to explain the situation. She expressed, "To those who are cursing at me, I'm Chinese too. I hope that we become better mannered and give each other personal space wherever we are. Meeting someone who kept taking photographs on this rare family holiday really made (me) feel uncomfortable - that's why I said it."

Her statement did not seem to appease disgruntled netizens, who left more than 130,000 comments on her post, with many of them expressing their outrage at the photograph of the alleged perpetrator being posted online.

According to reports, the person whose picture was captured was not involved in the incident and the real culprit has stepped forward to apologise to the innocent victim. She has also created an online blog and goes by the moniker DRIFTTOCA, sharing that she did not have a micro-blog previously but created one to demand a public apology from Hilary.

On the furore, Eason's manager expressed, "I believe she did not have any ill intentions. Being photographed when they were on a family holiday probably made her upset, but her words were indeed inappropriate. (I) hope everyone can understand.


Review:Not So Awesome Foursome?

the four

Hong Kong actor Ronald Cheng stars as Life Snatcher in kung fu epic The Four. [Photo:douban]

Who has the ability to read minds and gets around in an electric wheelchair powered by incomparable intellect? No, it isn't Professor Xavier from X-Men or even physicist Stephen Hawking. Introducing Emotionless, China's newest young heroine with telepathic powers played by Crystal Liu in Hong Kong director Gordon Chan latest kung fu epic The Four.

The film is based on wuxia literature master Wen Rui'an's novel of the same name, which tells the story of a crime-fighting quartet. The 125-minute film's courageous attempt to revive the ailing genre of kung fu films in China has earned it a successful albeit controversial reputation at the box office since its release on July 9.

The Four has so far raked in 150 million yuan ($23.5 million), leapfrogging domestic blockbuster Painted Skin: The Resurrection for top spot last week. But not all viewers of the film have given it the thumbs up, hinting at growing fatigue among Chinese audiences for kung fu productions.

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Rail ministry under fire over 7m yuan film kickback

Shortly after an audit report showed the Ministry of Railways had spent 18.5 million yuan ($2.91 million) on a disappointing publicity short film, the public was shocked again to learn that a huge chunk of the investment might have been pocketed by ministry officials.

An insider disclosed that at least 7 million yuan was used as kickbacks in the expensive film that involved Zhang Yimou, the famous Chinese director who oversaw the 2008 Olympic Games' opening ceremony in Beijing, the Economic Information Daily (EIC), run by the Xinhua News Agency, reported Monday.

The five-minute promotion film, Chinese Railways, shot in 2010, was brought into question after the State Audit Administration in late June revealed the cost of the film and commented that it "failed to produce its desired effects." Few people saw the movie until the scandal broke.

The ministry assigned the film to Beijing New Time Film and Culture Company, which signed a contract with Zhang with a consultancy fee of 2.5 million yuan after tax, the EIC reported.

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Source + two more articles here and here

Chinese Films to Enter American Homes

Many Chinese audiences may be familiar with American blockbusters, but Chinese films are rarely-known among Americans. The good news is, under the joint effort of Chinese and US filmmakers, this situation may soon be changed., the China Movie Channel website, and Jiaflix, an American based enterprise, have teamed together to stream Chinese movies through set-top boxes. It will bring thousands of Chinese flicks into North American families' homes.

Liang Longfei, Vice President,, said, "We were aiming at overseas Chinese people at the beginning. But unexpectedly many Americans also began to show great interest in Chinese movies. Because they wanted to learn Chinese through films. It's evidence that Chinese culture is becoming more popular among foreign people."

Sid Ganis, the former president of the Oscars, and the chairman of Jiaflix, is also optimistic about the prospect of Chinese films in the global market.

Sid Ganis said, "They are as good as films from the US, from France, from England. Now we have to make the leap the other way, Chinese films are doing good business, important business in the US. We can do it."

Meanwhile, as the honorary president of the 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival, Ganis also unveiled the new poster for the festival, which opens on October 17th. He said it's the perfect way for the two cultures to bond together through the art of film. And he believed US audiences will finally know more about Chinese films.


This is awesome. :O


MIC Release Digital Album 《色.COLOR》

After almost a year of deliberation and preparation, MIC finally released their second full length album 《色.COLOR》 digitally via China Mobile and Chinese Wireless Music Club on the luckiest day of the year, August 8th. What set this album apart from the last self composed album by MIC is that not only are the members penning their own lyrics and compositions but they are also in full control of the production process in the making of this album. The members wrote/composed/produced 90% of the album, demonstration their musical growth and maturity after two years in the industry.

Composed by MIC Yuehan and with lyrics by MIC Yaoyao and Yang Fan “Hangover 宿醉” is my personal favorite from the new album.

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Source: cfensi, mictianya