August 12th, 2012


China's Olympic goal: Dominate the medal count

LONDON – By now everyone should understand that China's sports machine is not going to slow. China's goal was never to build big just for the Beijing Games in 2008. The goal was to build big for Beijing, then dominate the world.

"The intention of the Chinese is to win every medal, every single medal," said Jeff Ruffolo, an American who has worked for the Chinese government to help plan several sports competitions including the 2008 Olympics.

"Watch what happens in Rio," added Ruffolo, referring to the 2016 Games in Brazil. "Watch what happens in 2020. The Chinese want to prove to the world that their system is the best system."

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Somehow people seem surprised that the Chinese are fighting again to win the medal count in these Olympics. But ever since China allowed its teams to compete in the 1984 Summer Games after a 32-year absence, the Chinese have gone from winning 32 medals in Los Angeles to 100 in Beijing. The churning of medals is so steady now that the Chinese are going to compete to win medal counts for the next several Olympics.

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