August 4th, 2012


Jennifer Tse and Andy Tien pair up for action film

Jennifer Tse Ting Ting and boyfriend Andy Tien (On Chi Kit) worked together on an all new martial art action film. Andy was worried how tough it would be on his girlfriend and they argued about whether to take the role; he never expected Ting Ting to be addicted to it and even intended to work toward becoming an "action actress". Andy went from objecting to fully supporting his girlfriend, as their relationship took another step further; her brother Nicholas Tse Ting Fung was stubborn and silently felt proud of this little sister.

Ting Ting and Andy have dated for years. In recent years they have reached the marriage stage. Their first film as a couple NAKED WEAPON (JUET SIK MO HEI) will be officially released on August 23. In the film Ting Ting played a king hearted killer while Andy was a straight laced cop who was responsible for capturing Ting Ting. They were on opposite sides of the law and did not have too many emotional scenes, so they were able to compete in acting. Ting Ting said, "This was my first action film, luckily I didn't have to fight Andy. In the film we only had ambiguous plot lines and didn't have too many romantic scene. The advantage of being able to work together was more time to see each other. Because earlier Andy constantly worked in the Mainland, we didn't have a lot of time together."

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Laure Shang Wenjie

Sun Yang breaks World Record in 1500m despite scary start


From overjoy and pumping water to instant breadown in tears, China's "cry baby" Sun Yang wins again.

LONDON, Aug 4 (Reuters) - Sun Yang feared he had been disqualified on Saturday after a false start at the 1,500 metres freestyle but China's new poster boy won his second gold medal at the Olympics with a record-breaking performance that was down to hard work, he said.

He had fallen into the water thinking the race was on but instead of the starter it was a spectator's whistle that had triggered the false start.

"At that moment I was so scared, everything went blank before my eyes," Sun told reporters.

"I heard 'take your mark' and then I did not think he would say 'quiet please,'" said the soft-spoken 20-year-old.

The starter took an instant decision not to disqualify Sun, who went on to become the first swimmer to complete the 400m-1,500m double since 1980.

"I really cried at the finish because I was afraid of that false start. I was so relieved I could finish."

"In the water I could hear so it was clear. In the last 15 metres I felt I could break the record. I still had reserves because I had not pushed my body to the limit."

Sun smashed his own record with a silky performance in the gruelling 30-lap race to earn his fourth medal in total at the Games.

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source: Reuters