July 27th, 2012


Sherman Chung dances nonstop on her new Cantonese album SC


Sherman Chung only released her first Mandarin album I Can in March this year, and merely four months later the EEG singer quickly resurfaces again to release her latest Cantonese album. Simply titled SC, the album is filled to the brim with Western beats and Korean-style dance numbers, and Sherman designed her new images herself. Songs on this album include the chart-topping girl-empowerment anthem My Rodeo, the new plug Shout, and "The Teenager Who Abandons His Armor".

Release Date:2012-07-25
Country of Origin:Hong Kong

01. My Rodeo
02. Shout
03. 棄甲少年
04. 代你出手
05. Love is a car
06. 月球殖民地
07. 朝九晩八
08. Hate the way you love me
09. 不在線
10. Shout Remix


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