July 21st, 2012


Will you be the one to join anisong idol group Sea☆A?

If you have a burning passion for anime and singing, this may be your chance - HoriPro is on the hunt for new talents to join their anisong all-girls idol group, Sea☆A (pronounced as sea-ay). The quartet is made up of Singaporeans Beryl, Estelle and Valerie and Wynnie, who is Malaysian.

The bubbly girls, who were friends waitressing at an anime-themed cafe prior to being scouted and whisked away to stardom, displayed their undeniable group chemistry as they finished each others' sentences and chimed in at the exact same time during their interview with xinmsn.

Sea☆A's members gushed about their road to stardom, with Beryl sharing, 'It's a dream come true because we always wanted to go to Japan.' In their early 20s, the girls have made a name for themselves in the anisong industry and have performed at major events, including the prestigious Animax Musix 2011 along big names such as May'n.

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WATCH: Sea ☆A wants you to join them! @ Source

Lulz, Idk what this is really

Laure Shang Wenjie

Zhang Han plays every women’s best friend in “SOP Queen”


No, his character is not gay. In a drama where the female lead goes for the win , the perfect male lead is her support system.   Somewhat of a guardian angel who magically appears to give advice to Lin Xiaojie (Chen Qiao’en) via msn (even when she doesn’t have her phone and is in the middle of a conversation),  Zhang Han‘s character Tom is not the female lead’s first choice. Through a series of events, she has gotten a proposal from her boss Gao Ziqi (Godfrey Gao). Little did she know that this was only a ploy by him to make his real girlfriend, actress Bai Jiqin (Coco Jiang), jealous.  But never fear, Zhang Han’s here (literally)!

Joining the cast is Zhang Han’s touchy best friend Mingdao,  Gao Ziqi’s older brother Gino, and Zhang Meng,  Zhang Han’s childhood friend who’s in love with him.  Singer/actor Jacky Xue is said to be make a special appearance in this drama as well.

Stills under the cut. Watch the best trailer of the season here and watch it on YouKu legally here.

source: cfensi

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