July 17th, 2012


Jay Chou spotted with Hannah Quinlivan at night market

Eagle-eyed netizens spotted "Chairman Chou" at a night market - even as he clearly was trying to hide his identity, shopping around the busy night market with a mask and cap.

Netizens who spotted the singer initially thought that singer Will Liu was his only companion, but later realized that Hannah Quinlivan, who was also wearing a mask, was following quietly behind the duo.

Even though pictures of the three were uploaded, Will feigned ignorance when asked if Hannah was with them and commented, "Was she? I didn't see (Hannah), I don't know about it."

Jay, who is currently working on Rooftop, in which he will act, direct and write, has been under fire for reportedly vandalizing public property during filming.

The actor, who has been filming in the Hu-Tou Pei Scenic Area, reportedly had asked crew members to segment off a portion of the area, disallowing paying patrons to access the entire area. The area's litter bins and railings were also damaged after the crew vacated the area, leading to speculations that they had vandalized the area.

Will has spoken up against the allegations, expressing, "If there has been any damage done, they should report it to the authorities, who will then contact us."


Show Luo sues Chinese media and Netizens

16 Jul - Earlier this month, Taiwanese singer Show Luo had reportedly hooked up with a girl by the name of Yan Li, a contestant from the Chinese TV reality show named "Do You Remember".

According to the Chinese media, the 33-year-old singer also indulged in some cosplaying at a local hotel with Yan Li. However, the singer denied all the allegations soon after he got word on the matter.

Now, the singer has already filed a civil action to the Shandong Province Court against the Chinese media for defaming him on 13 July. Show's spokesman, Mr. Chiang said that this is to 'uphold the singer's good name'.

Apart from that, the spokesman said they had also lodged a police report in Taipei against the Netizens who criticised him without any proof.

Chiang described all the negative comments posted online against the singer as "unhealthy practices". He added that this is a violation of the defamation law.