July 12th, 2012


William Chan releases dancepop awesome with "Pop It Up"

Hong Kong pop idol William Chan makes the summer even hotter with his sixth album Pop It Up! Collaborating with a new production crew, the rising singer/actor intends to project a brand new image for his latest musical outing. He burns the dance floor with the Hins Cheung-produced main plug "Queen", which features William's sexy L.A. Jazz Funk dance moves. Composed by Chan Kwong Wing with lyrics by Lin Rixi and Fiona Fung, the ballad "Who Am I" - plus its Mandarin version "I Am Not Me" - features fellow EEG singer Vincy Chan.

The album comes with a bonus DVD containing 4 music videos and album making-of.

01. 女皇
02. Pop It Up
03. 我是誰 (featuring泳兒)
04. 愛你愛到上宇宙
05. 一加零
06. 遺忘的勇氣
07. Move Back
08. Yes or No
09. 女皇 (Queen of world remix)
10. 我不是我 (featuring泳兒) (國)




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Happy Birthday to singer Jordan Chan, singer/actor Jacky Cheung, singer Khalil Fong, singer Ella Koon and singer David Tao who turned 45, 51, 29, 33 and 43 respectively this week. 

Also, if your fave's birthday was between July 8th and July 14th and you don't see it here, let me know in the comments. :)

New Stills Featuring Qiao Renliang and Lam Suet Released for "Good-for-Nothing Heros"

Directed by Fu Yong and starring Francis Ng, Lam Suet, Qiao Renliang, Kent Cheng,Christy Chung and Zhou Weitong, the film "Good-for-Nothing Heroes" has confirmed an August release date, M1905.com reports. Qiao Renliang plays the leading role of Peng Da, a rag man who accidentally becomes the new boss of a luxury hotel. Lam Suet portrays Peng Da's best friend, Long.[Photo:chinesefilms.cn]

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Andy Lau drops out of Iron Man 3

Who needs Hollywood?

Andy Lau certainly doesn't.

The veteran actor has done the unthinkable and has dropped out of the Iron Man 3 production so that he can spend more time with his newborn daughter. A very admirable and courageous decision indeed.

Well, one man's loss is another man's gain. Producers have short-listed China actors Chen Daoming and Wu Xiubo as possible replacements.

Chen, 57, made an impression playing the formidable Emperor Qin Shi Huang in Zhang Yimou's Hero (2002). Wu, 43, is said to be one of China's highest-paid TV stars.