July 11th, 2012


Stephen Chow under fire for keeping mum over Jacqueline Law's passing

Stephen Chow has come under fire for being nonchalant about his ex-flame, Jacqueline Law's passing.

Jacqueline passed away late last month after she lost the battle with cancer. Memorial services were held in Singapore and Hong Kong where friends and family mourn her passing.

Stephen, 50, has neither expressed his condolences nor sent a wreath. He also rejected all questions regarding the late actress. When asked for comment, Jacqueline's sister sarcastically commented, "This good friend has never been very expressive."
The two reportedly met on the set of The Final Combat, where their reel relationship became real. Jacqueline had once commented on the five-year relationship, calling herself a fool for love who eventually split from the actor reluctantly.

Stephen has withdrawn from the public eye after his split from Yu Wenfeng, daughter of seasoned real estate speculator Yu Ching Po, last year. On the day of Jacqueline's passing, he was spotted in an art museum Beijing. He was seen in Hangzhou on the day of her funeral. The actor, who was alone, appeared thin.