July 9th, 2012


Did Kingone Wang leave manager because of Kai Ko?

While Kai Ko's career is on the rise, not all are happy with his shining star.

His meteoric rise has reportedly left actor Kingone Wang who is under the same management seeing red. Kingone recently ended ties with his manager of 10 years, Angie Chai.

Angie, who is also a producer, is known for her hit drama Meteor Garden. Kingone was originally from boyband Comic Boyz, which was brought together by Angie. The other five official members have left the agency one by one, stating low wages as one of the reasons. Kingone was the exception and renewed his contract thrice.

The winner of Taiwanese Golden Bell Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series was never given a leading role prior to Yours Fatefully, a Singapore production that aired this year.

His departure is reportedly triggered by the preferential treatment that has been bestowed upon Kai Ko, who is also under the same management.

To which, Kingone dismissed the rumours, stating, "He's very polite and I treat him like a younger brother; why would I think that way?"

Angie separately issued a statement, claiming, "As time passes, he has his own way of thinking."

Leaving the agency may have been a wise choice - Kingone has since been offered the leading role in Wo De Xing Fu Gang Gang Hao, a Taiwanese drama that is set to air in August.

Kai, who is currently holidaying in Japan with his family, also rebuked the rumours in a statement issued by his manager. "How is this possible? We even hit the gym together!"



Godfrey Gao spotted with six girls after all-night outing

Godfrey Gao is honest and above board with his fraternizing ways. The supermodel was seen at an all-day breakfast diner with Taiwanese pro-basketball player James Mao, two male friends and six scantily clad females.

They reportedly looked as though they have been out the entire night, but were still in high spirits during breakfast. Godfrey left the diner with James and five girls and later boarded the same car as two of the girls.

Their representatives explained, 'Godfrey and James first sent the girls home, then headed to Godfrey's home, where James's car was parked. James then drove his car home from there.' They further added that the two were merely having a night out with friends, where they had dinner, visited a club and went to a Karaoke lounge to unwind.

James, who is currently dating the daughter of a large cooperation's owner, broke up with Bianca Bai in October last year.

When asked if he was cheating on his girlfriend, he swiftly replied 'I informed my girlfriend of my whereabouts - she knew that I went out for dinner, drinks and went singing.'



Second win of the year for Han Han at Ordos

Shanghai VW 333 Racing's Han Han took another dramatic win in the fourth round of the CTCC at the Ordos International Circuit, which wass cut short to just 11 laps due to a heavy rainstorm. Chang'an Ford FRD drivers Jiang Tengyi and Andy Yan completed the podium.
Han Han started from fourth position, and was quickly making up places in the Volkswagen Polo, overtaking Ford's Jiang Tengyi on the first lap and his team-mate Andy Yan on lap 5.

Han Han took the lead from the leading Ford Focus of Rainey He just one lap late, with Rainey stopping his car on the start-finish line soon afterwards with a mechanical problem, which led to the safety car being deployed.

Heavy rainfall on lap nine saw Wang Rue's Volkwagen and Lo Ka Chun's Kia head to the pits for wet weather tyres. The race was stopped on lap 12 as the conditions worsened, with Han Han being confirmed as the race winner.

Jiang Tengyi leads the championship on 44 points with Han Han just four points behind heading to the next round of the CTCC which will be held on August 19th, again at the Ordos International Circuit.
01Han Han12 Laps
02Jiang Tengyi+6.943
03Andy Yan+10.582
04Fan Gao Xian+15.699
05Ziang Zhi Qiang+24.254
06Michael Soong+44.015
07Jiang Rong Hao+2:29.095
08Wang Rue+4:14.175
09Lo Ka Chun+1 Lap
10Rainey HeDNF

Wei Chen loli

"Pandas" tour London for Panda Awareness Week

Waiting for the train ...

Tourists are a common site in London, especially on the Tube and the city's historical hotspots, however one group of visitors stood out more than most on July 4.

Over 100 people in panda costumes took to the Underground and Covent Garden for Panda Awareness Week, and to highlight the work of the Chengdu Panda Base in China, a major conservation centre.

The 108 "pandas" in London represented the number the centre currently houses.

The furry visitors braved the rain for Tai-Chi in Trafalgar Square before heading off into the wilderness of London - bypassing China town for the quintessentially British pursuits of window shopping and commuting.

After touring the sights, the animals visited primary schools throughout the area.