July 6th, 2012


Fahrenheit on the verge of disbandment

Will he, or will he not?

It is rumoured that Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang will not be renewing his contract following its impending expiry with current management Comic International Productions, raising fears that the departure of another member will lead to the permanent disbandment of the idol group.

The boyband debuted in 2005 as a quartet, including Jiro, Calvin Chen, Aaron Yan and ex-member Wu Chun. Following Wu Chun's departure in June last year, Comic announced that Fahrenheit would continue as a trio and that they would release an album this year.
Following that announcement, Jiro, Calvin and Aaron embarked on individual activities, with Aaron releasing a solo EP, Jiro jumping to the big screen and Calvin focusing on hosting variety programs, delaying the group album indefinitely.

In recent days, Jiro was reported to be unwilling to renew his contract with Comic after his solo album release later this year. The possibility of him signing with another company has put Fahrenheit's situation as a group in perilous waters.

When asked to comment, he neither confirmed nor refuted the rumours, choosing to answer ambiguously, "I've been busy filming and recording my album. I'm currently still deliberating (my future plans) but cooperation is possible as long as everyone is reasonable."


Uh oh...

Karen Mok involved in road accident

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actress-singer Karen Mok was knocked down by a taxi while crossing a road along Causeway Bay on Friday night and was sent to hospital immediately, reported Hong Kong Media.

Mok was later found to have suffered a sprained ankle and a bruised bottom when she fell onto the road after being hit by the vehicle.

"I'm fine! Thankfully it's only abrasions and not fractures.

"I just got a scare and a painful bottom (from the accident)," said Mok in a micro blog in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

According to Mok's assistant, the star had left the hospital that night after her medical examination results showed that she did not have any serious injuries.

Mok, who is currently working on Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves' directorial debut, the action film "Man of Tai Chi", revealed over her micro blog that she had returned to work on Monday, after resting at home over the weekend.

"Luckily my character [in the film] is a police officer and I don't have to put on a bikini," said Mok in the same post.

"It would be embarrassing to show my bruised bottom!"