July 4th, 2012



Writer and racing driver Han Han (韩寒) ridicules both China and Canada in a recent blog post.

In an article published to clarify a rumor about a TV program featuring him over a decade ago, he said he had NEVER thought about moving abroad.

The main reason for not wanting to go abroad, he clarified, are his ties to friends, family, relatives, readers and car racing events in China.

In addition, he said he loves reading Chinese and eating Chinese food.

He added there is one more reason which he told a Canadian media outlet several years ago.

“In China, I’m already used to being surrounded by corrupt officials. If I move abroad and find I’m still surrounded by China’s corrupt officials, them I’ll definitely break down,” he wrote.

Rich Chinese people, especially government officials, are flocking to Chinatowns in Western countries, with Canada topping the list of havens.

May Daily Says: He has certainly hit the nail on the head :)


Laure Shang Wenjie

Louis Koo donates 49 schools, 20 health centers, 50 wells in 3 years

Louis Koo saving the world, one child at a time.

News just came out that Louis Koo has silently donated to build 49 schools in addition to over 20 health center and 50 wells over the past three years After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the actor set up a foundation focused on helping kids in remote areas. The foundation not only donates to build, but also sends people to monitor the status of the facilities to insure the safety of the construction. This large number was not widely published until netizens compiled a list of all the schools that are named after him.

When Apple Daily contacted him to ask for his motivation for the donations, he told them that “If we can help people, why not? As long as I can, I’ll continue to help. I don’t think it’s much to talk about. ”

source: cfensi