June 27th, 2012


Yumiko Cheng's brush with death

Yumiko Cheng debuted as a dance-singer, but has recently switched to acting in Mainland dramas. She has also become great friends with many of the artists there. Last week she and her makeup artist boyfriend (Andy) flew to Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate good friend Cherrie Ying's birthday. On June 19th after she had breakfast with her friends, she took pictures on the balcony by the swimming pool at the hotel. Due to the wet floor at the pool and the lack of fencing, Yumiko and the birthday girl (Cherrie) took the wrong step, slipped and fell off the floor together. The birthday girl luckily only suffered from minor injuries, but Yumiko fell 30 feet down, from the 3rd floor down to the 1st floor. A tree branch pierced through her back and through her lung region. Her condition was critical as she fell unconscious on the spot. Yumiko was immediately rushed to the hospital for rescue.

After the emergency surgery, Yumiko was in a coma for two days and finally woke up on June 21st. The doctor expressed she has already got through the crisis. The branch went through her lungs and 5th cervical vetebrae, therefore Yumiko feels pain when she breathes and cannot move like normal. She will need to put on a neck brace, be on bed rest and do some physical therapy.

It was understood that Yumiko considered flying back to HK on a private jet for treatment, but with her current condition, she cannot fly. Her boyfriend Andy, good friend Jordan Chan and other friends remained in Bangkok to look after Yumiko. Yesterday reporters called Yumiko, although she wasn't able to answer the call, but she did respond through Whatsapp: "OK, I'm not dead yet!" Looks like she's doing better now. Yumiko also reveals she will have to stay in Bangkok for some time.

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Show Luo says muscular Jay Chou is on "a journey of no return"

TAIPEI: Jay Chou has been working out for his upcoming film and had showed off his buff bod during the recent 23rd Golden Melody Awards, but Taiwan singer-actor Show Luo says getting buff may not be such a good idea, reported Taiwan media.

Speaking at a promotional event on Monday, Luo revealed that he had met Chou at the airport in Shanghai recently, and had shared his own experiences with the superstar.

"In the past, my muscles were really sturdy and I would always go shirtless in the locker room. But when the muscles disappeared, I would start putting on clothes piece by piece.

"Training for a muscular body is a journey of no return. Once you start training, you must keep doing it, or when they disappear, you'll be asked where all your muscles went," said Luo.

During the event, Luo also lamented that he isn't in the best of shape nowadays, pointing out that two weeks ago, his belly would jiggle a little when he moved.

However, he had since lost 3kg and is now attempting to get back in shape, along with Taiwan singer Wilber Pan.

He may not have his muscular physique anymore, but Luo still has his trademark wit.

"I left my muscles at the fast food restaurant," joked Luo.

"There are about six or eight pieces, I'll think of a way to get them back."

Source : Channel NewsAsia