June 25th, 2012


Deniese, Joey, Wilfred dramarz

Joey Yung and Wilfred Lau's (C-Hing) "Lung-Yee Love" shocked the entire entertainment circle. According to reliable sources, at Joey's birthday party, Denise Ho cries on the spot at the instance she found out about the relationship. She initially made a special trip back to HK for the party, but the next day she bought a ticket and left the heartbreaking land immediately. However, the day before C-Hing insisted he personally told Denise about their relationship, but actually last week Denise already found out through Joey. Looks like C-Hing's impulsive move of making the relationship public has caused troubles this time!

It was understood, Netizens called C-Hing a 'scum' for lying that he already told Denise personally about his relationship with Joey, when in fact he was feeling ashamed and never mentioned anything to Denise, but instead pushed it to Joey.

According to inside news, earlier when Joey held her birthday party at the karaoke, Denise flew back to HK to join the party after she finished her concert in Guangzhou. At the time, she didn't know her good sister Joey and best friend C-Hing were dating yet, but when she got to the party at 2am, she pushed opened the door and saw about 30-40 friends. Then the semi-drunken Joey came up to her and broke the news to her. C-Hing just followed Joey out and didn't say anything.

Once Denise heard the news, she was heartbroken and teared up on the spot. She felt C-Hing was irresponsible and didn't know how to love Joey since he pushed her out to break the news to her instead of doing it himself. Also, Denise felt they were playing with her, as they specially decided to tell her on Joey's birthday. To comfort her good friend, Joey took her to the side and had a quiet chat with her, whereas C-Hing just continued partying with the others. After Joey talked to Denise, she acted as nothing happened and stayed at the party until 5am. Heartbroken Denise couldn't sleep all night and wrote on Weibo at 9am the next morning, "No More", seems like she drew the line with C-Hing and quickly bought a ticket to leave Hong Kong.

Kick out of Instagram

In the last few days, Denise and Joey have not openly responded to the situation. Feeling betrayed, Denise, currently in Mainland, left a message on Weibo yesterday: "It's a big world, we are so minute, there is nothing worthy of saying anymore, life just goes on. We should just concentrate on more important things. Thank you all for the love. I will take this love and share it, good night everyone." Although Denise didn't unfollow Joey on Weibo, but on another social media site Instragram, she kicked both Joey and C-Hing out of her list of following.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum