June 20th, 2012


Finally a new Top Tunes (week ending June 19)

Blank Xu (许飞), China’s 2006 Super Girl contestant, and a duet performed by Winnie Hsin (辛曉琪) and Chyi Chin (齊秦) dominate the music charts in the week from June 12 to 19.

Presented below is the music video of Yoga Lin‘s (林宥嘉) Lure (誘), a refreshing love song with a mixture of blues and jazz.

Here are the top five songs in China:

1. Fish Looking for Water (寻水的鱼) by Blank Xu

2. Lai Zhe Mo Jie (来者摩羯) by Sa Dingding (萨顶顶)

3. Departure from Love (爱别离) by Sara Liu (刘惜君)

4. Men Also Have Tears (男人也有眼泪) by Leo Li (李炳辰)

5. Hard to Come By (好难得) by Ding Dang (丁当)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. Soundless Love Song (無聲情歌) by Winnie Hsin and Chyi Chin

2. Lure by Yoga Lin

3. Know Me Before You Love Me (懂我再愛我) by Ella Chen (陳嘉樺)

4. Dearest You (最親愛的你) by Christine Fan (范瑋琪)

5. Hand Print (手印) by Landy Wen (溫嵐)


William Chan releases new MV for 'Queen'

Source: HKmusic2012

In all honesty, the song isn't that great, but I can appreciate this kind of 'femme' concept that's not really seen in C-pop very often. But the YouTube comments saying how this video is  "gay" and "belittles men" are really disgusting and make me disappointed in how backwards and bigoted many (if not most) Asian countries are.