June 19th, 2012


Elva Hsiao flies back to Taiwan to celebrate Kai Ko's birthday

Kai Ko celebrated his 21st birthday with loved ones yesterday. The Taiwanese actor-singer shot to fame last year after starring in the film You Are the Apple of My Eye. In the first half of the year, he reportedly collected NT$46 million (about S$194,000) in endorsement fees alone. Additionally, he has filmed two other movies. With this increase in workload, Kai has taken a break from school and is planning to finish his studies in September.

On his micro-blog, Kai cheerily posted "I'm 21 this year! I'm thankful for all the well-wishes and I will improve myself! I will also work hard to become a better person!"

Kai held a get together for his friends at the Dazzling Champagne Dining Bar, followed by a cozy dinner with his parents and older brother at a Japanese restaurant. Elva Hsiao's car was reportedly spotted parked nearby, leading to rumours that Kai had invited the Taiwanese singer along for the dinner as well.

Elva, who wrapped up activities in Wuhan, China, just the day before, reportedly flew back to Taiwan to celebrate Kai's birthday. After which, she immediately flew to Beijing to film a commercial.

Kai and Elva have been plagued by dating rumours ever since the two were seen together in January. However, the two have repeatedly maintained that they are just good friends.


Just friends, suuuuuuure ;)