June 16th, 2012


China's Wuhan city covered in mysterious haze

Young and old residents of the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan were advised to stay indoors on Monday after a thick haze blanketed the city of nine million people, official media said.

Described by residents as opaque with yellowish and greenish tinges, the fug descended suddenly in the morning, prompting people to rush to put on face masks, witnesses told AFP.

The official Xinhua news agency quoted the environmental protection department of Hubei province saying in a statement: "Children, the elderly and people with heart or respiratory diseases are advised to stay indoors."

Xinhua said straw burning was the cause and denied there had been any industrial accidents in or near Wuhan, after Internet rumours suggested there had been an explosion at a chemical complex northeast of the city.

"I looked out of the window of my office and I could not believe my eyes," said resident Li Yunzhong.

"At first I thought it was going to rain. In 31 years in Wuhan I have never known anything like it. We are very worried because we do not know what it is."

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I've written a few articles on this and it's really ridiculous how lax their "stats" are

Laure Shang Wenjie

Sun Li takes a swim for Elle

Lead actress of recent popular Qing drama Inner Palace – The Legend of Zhen Huan, Sun Li, recently made it onto the cover of Elle. She and husband Deng Chao recently celebrated their second anniversary (the two were married on June 7, 2010). Both are presumably busy taking care of their new son, but watch out Deng Chao’s new movie with Crystal Liu Yifei, The Four Great Detectives. Look under the cut for the rest of Sun Li’s aquatic shoot.

source: cfensi

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Laure Shang Wenjie

Huang Ying releases “Faraway Song” MV

Little Huang Ying films another big MV with “Faraway Song.” Let the gorgeous “Big Sun,” this one was filmed on the grasslands, featuring Huang Ying’s signature earthy but spacey feel. The collaboration with master sheng player and rock musician Wu Tong is the first of her upcoming album. Watch the MV below .  The couch could’ve done with a make-over, though.

On a sidenote, Wu Tong will be playing the sheng and pipa and singing with Yo-yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble in Lenox, Massachusetts on June 22 and 24, 2012.

source: cfensi