June 15th, 2012


Show Luo spotted with new girl at a hotel

Taiwanese singer Show Luo's manager claimed that reports of the singer allegedly meeting a female guest at his hotel in China is inaccurate and false.

Yesterday, a Chinese media reported that on May 28, Show attended a recording of "Do You Remember" in Zhejiang and was seen going on a date with a lady at the hotel he was staying in after the recording.

The report claimed a lady was brought up to Show's hotel room by the singer's crew shortly after he was done with recording. The lady reportedly left the hotel the next morning and Show, together with his crew, headed to the airport after she left.

The article named Yan Li, a fellow participant of "Do You Remember", as the Japanese lady that met with Show. Yan Li was seen having close interactions with Show during the recording and he praised her for being pretty to which she returned the gesture and praised him for being friendly and handsome.

Show's manager refuted the reports and claimed that the lady is "from Fujian, China" and "not Japanese".

"She came to participate in the competition but as soon as the media took photos of her entering the hotel, they starting spinning tales about it," said the manager who further emphasized that "it is a false report."

Yan Li had also responded to the rumours on her microblog. She clarified that she "only took part in the show to see Show as I am his fan," and added that the report was inaccurate.


"You know, they might have had really meaningful conversation, you never know."
Laure Shang Wenjie

Queen of SOP is trailer of the season

Dear the 10+ other trailers released: this is what a trailer should be like. Look at how clear and sharp the colors and cinematography is.   Look at the cast that can actually act AND read lines.  Look at that hilarious last scene that teases you without giving away the ending. There may have been better trailers, but for the Shanghai TV Festival this year, these 90 seconds beats all the 10-minutes out there.

Watch and learn from the Queen of SOP 胜女的代价 ,  starring Zhang Han, Chen Qiaoen, Godfrey Gao, Zhang Meng, and Mingdao.

source: @YouTube

Hu Ge

Zhou Xun makes friendship video for Zhao Wei, Chen Kun saves Zhou Xun from drowning

Following the My Hero boys, another three friends gather together for an occasion for friendship.   As a part of Painted Skin II’s opening, Zhou Xun made a video commemorating her times together with Zhao Wei and Chen Kun during the filming of Painted Skin II. Watch it below on YouTube.

source: cfensi
seriously, people, if they didn't like each other, why would they take on the movie in the first place?