June 10th, 2012

Interviews with the Members of M.I.C for 2012 MIX X MCC "ci" Project

The beginning of the videos very briefly explains this, but the interviews are focused on "ci," or good friends/pals. The questions are about what the members think of each other and their goals/experiences as friends. All five of the interviews offer some wonderful insights into the band as individuals and their friendships.

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Source: MICtianya@YT

Carina Lau seen in Shanghai with businessman Jing Bai Fu

Is trouble brewing for Carina Lau and hubby Tony Leung?

After getting married to Tony in 2008, the actress was linked to several businessmen. On Tuesday, she was spotted with rumoured boyfriend Jing Bai Fu at Shanghai airport. Jing was first linked with Carina when a photo of him caressing Carina's thighs surfaced in 2009. Jing is believed to be a Hong Kong citizen who owns businesses in China and has a net worth of RMB$16 bil (S$3.2 mil).

Dressed in a white blouse and jeans, the actress was recognized by a security officer who then requested for a photo with the 46-year-old. Jing helped the officer to snap a photo of them together.

A passerby who saw the whole exchange then took a photo of the trio and uploaded to his microblog. He wrote, "Carina Lau...she's so tall, and the one who helped to take the photo turned out to be Jing Bai Fu."

Carina reportedly was invited as a guest for a boutique hotel opening on June 3 in Suzhou and had a meeting with the brand the next day. When spotted at the airport on June 5, the actress was boarding a private jet to return to Hong Kong from Shanghai.

In other related news, Jing was the businessman that was embroiled in the scandal with the actress in 2009 when a photo of him caressing Carina's thighs surfaced.


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