June 6th, 2012


Gary Cao fronts new internation jazz group

After an absence of one and a half years, Gary Chaw made his high-profile return to the music scene, opting to sign with a Beijing-based record company. The Malaysian singer-songwriter has teamed up with three foreign musicians - "Musa's Trio" namely keyboardist Martin Musa, drummer Adriano Moreira, and bassist Lautaro Bellucca - to form a new group known as Sensation, and now they are ready to launch their debut album called Gary Chaw Project Sensation 1 Jazz. Produced by Taiwanese hitmaker Michael Tu, the album offers a selection of Western classic numbers the group rearranged and covered, including The End of the World, All I Have to Do is Dream, and Fly Me to the Moon.


Top Tunes for the week ending June 5th

Leading the music charts during the week from May 29 to June 5 were Hu Xia (胡夏), One Million Star‘s (超級星光大道) 2010 champion, and Christine Fan (范瑋琪), who just celebrated her one-year anniversary with TV host Blackie (黑人).

While the charts are swamped with love songs, we would like to introduce something different. Scroll down to enjoy the amazing music video of folk singer Sa Dingding‘s (萨顶顶) latest single Lai Zhe Mo Jie (来者摩羯), videotaped in Tibet. The song took second spot on the chart.

Here are the top five songs in China:

1. Sad Fairy Tale (伤心童话) by Hu Xia

2. Lai Zhe Mo Jie by Sa Dingding

3. I Cannot Cry (我不能哭) by Mo Yanlin (莫艳琳)

4. Phoenix (凤凰) by Alan (阿兰)

5. I Am Still Your Lover (我依然是你的情人) by Kiki Hu (胡灵)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. Dearest You (最親愛的你) by Christine Fan

2. Valentine’s Day by A-do (阿杜)

3. Truth (真實) by Winnie Hsin (辛曉琪)

4. Perfect Heartbeat (完美心跳) by Jiro Wang (汪東城)

5. Perfect Breakup (完美分手) by Maggie Chiang (江美琪)