June 4th, 2012



Show Luo (羅志祥) has had a hard time recently.

First, a group of self-professed Jay Chou (周杰倫) fans insulted him, telling him he was a mofo because he kissed his mom on the lips.

As if that wasn’t bad enough,  Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong‘s (黄秋生) innocent question — “Who is Show Luo?” – on his microblog, further stirred up the war of words between fans of Jay and Show.

The post was interpreted as a dig at Show, with his fans thinking that Anthony (Jay’s godfather) implied their idol is a nobody.

In response, Show’s fans bombarded Anthony’s microblog with nasty comments, prompting Anthony to strike back by leaving four angry posts within 20 minutes on the early morning of last Friday.

“Is it a crime to not know (Show Luo)? Yes, I know Andy Lau, but there are also some outside the Chinese-speaking world who don’t know who Andy Lau is. What’s the big deal?” he fumed in one of the posts.

He further wrote on Sunday, “I don’t have fans and I don’t need fans. What I have are friends. We’re equal. I’m not a male reproductive organ that needs to be worshipped.”


Show then apologized to Anthony, for the second time, at a commercial event in Taipei on Sunday.

“If (my) fans are impolite to Brother Wong, I apologize to him on behalf of my fans,” he said.

Show added he will work harder so that one day Anthony will know him.

He first said sorry to Anthony at a greet-and-meet event in Hong Kong on Saturday.

May Daily Says: Well done, Show on taking the high road!


Hahah I didn't know Anthony Wong was Jay Chou's godfather


Yen-J wants to become an actor?

Singer-songwriter Yen-J didn’t have any luck in getting any nominations for this year’s Golden Melody Awards.  He admitted to being a bit disappointed but said that he would not change his music style for the sake of winning an award.  He plans to release a new album in the summer.

Nonetheless, Yen-J has already gotten 5 endorsement contracts this year.  Due to his soft looks and height, he has received many offers to be in idol dramas and movies.  As a result, he plans to venture into acting, and he is currently in the process of picking a script.

Source: UDN
via CpopAccess