June 1st, 2012


Meet Asia's Sexiest Vegetarians.

Singing sensation Aya Liu has been crowned Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Woman of 2012, while singer-songwriter Khalil Fong, who has held the lead in the contest since it was posted, won the title of Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Man. Musician Missy Higgins was declared the Australian winner.

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Because I'm sure you were all waiting with bated breath for the results.

Zhou Xun avoids Vicki Zhao by using body double

How far would you go to avoid someone you hate at work?

Actress Zhou Xun insisted on using a body double for all her scenes with Vicki Zhao on the movie Painted Skin: The Resurrection. Other than frontal shots, the two actresses will have no contact with each other, according to a tip-off on Tuesday.

Since the filming for the movie commenced, the pair has been rumoured to be on bad terms. The pair reportedly compared the ratings for their other movies, the fee that they received from the movie and there was even a "chair-kicking incident" in one of the artiste's waiting room.

In other related news, producers of the Taiwanese movie LOVE which starred Shu Qi and Vicki, had originally approached Zhou Xun to be part of the cast. Zhou Xun reportedly rejected the role when she learnt that Vicki would also be involve


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Top Tunes for the week ending May 29th

Leading the music charts during the week from May 22 to 29 were Hu Xia (胡夏) and A-do (阿杜).

Hu Xian was born in China’s Guangxi province and stepped into the music industry after he won first place in Taiwan’s famous One Million Star (超級星光大道) competition in 2010.

Singaporean singer A-do, nee Do Cheng Yi (杜成義), was a construction foreman before he was spotted by Singaporean producer Billy Koh in his company’s talent search. He released his first album in 2002.

Scroll down to enjoy A-do’s hoarse voice in his music video.

Here are the top five songs in China:

1. Sad Fairy Tale (伤心童话) by Hu Xia

2. Beast (野兽) by Ding Dang (丁当)

3. Awakening (醒了) by Bai Jing (白婧)

4. Finally (好不容易) by Jane Zhang (张靓颖)

5. Small Refrain (小副歌) by Wang Lin (王麟) and Brin Chu (楚博仁)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. Valentine’s Day by A-do

2. Dearest You (最親愛的你) by Christine Fan (范瑋琪)

3. Baba’s Words (爸爸的话) by Kenny Bee (钟镇涛)

4. Sha La La by Jamaster A (杨振龙), Benylan and MC Davi (茶米)

5. Chinese Rhythm Shakes The World (中国节拍 震动世界) by Jacky Cheung (张学友)