May 25th, 2012

Dating: Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni

After caught shopping together by the paparazzi, Feng Shaofeng confirmed he and actress Ni Ni were dating on weibo today.

The heavens let you wait so that you can meet the right person. I’m very happy right now. Thank the heavens for blessing me! @ Ni Ni, ” said Feng Shaofeng on his weibo. Thanks to Bwear for mentioning it!

The two have only appeared at an Elle event together previously, but are rumored to be a Jingle Ma (aka runaway now) movie in the distant future. Ni Ni’s currently filming her second film, this time with Liu Ye, and Feng Shaofeng’s producing his first drama, where he stars opposite Ariel Lin.

Awwww.... I thought Ni Ni and Shawn Dou would've been a good couple.

source :cfensi


Show Rumored to Have Broken Up with Tia

The two met when shooting a TV commercial

Pop singer Show Luo (羅志祥) always insists he’s single and available, but actually he’s just broken up with Tia Li (李毓芬).

In response, the devastated Tia drowned in grief and booze at her birthday party on May 11.

The couple’s affair was exposed three years ago when Tia was seen leaving Show’s apartment.

They then turned low-profile to hide their relationship from public attention.

When Show promoted his album in Japan last month, Tia went along. The two held hands when shopping on the street.

After they returned, Tia said she hoped Show could spend more time with her.

Show flatly told her that his mom is always No. 1, then his business, and his girlfriend would always be in No. 3 position.

If you can’t accept it, Show reportedly said, “I hope there’s someone better able to take care of you.”