May 23rd, 2012


"The Guillotines" Set to Hit Theaters on December 20

The team behind the martial arts blockbuster "The Guillotines" announced at the ongoing 65th Cannes International Film Festival that the film is scheduled to hit cinema screens nationwide on December 20 during the New Year holiday slot, reports.

Produced by Peter Chan and directed by Lau Wai Keung, "The Guillotines" features a host of famous stars including Huang Xiaoming, Ethan Ruan, Li Yuchun, Shawn Yue, Jing Boran, Pu Bajia and Zhou Yiwei.

Set in the period of the Qing Emperor Qianlong, the film revolves around a secretive organization called The Guillotines which is composed of young martial arts masters who carry out the government's orders to kill those who go against the government's ruling.

The film reportedly received investment of about 1.5 million US dollars. It will go up against Wong Kar Wai's "The Grandmaster" and Jackie Chan's "CZ12," both of which will also hit cinema screens on December 20.

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Top Tunes for the week ending May 22nd

Jane Zhang
 (张靓颖), a prominent Super Girl (超级女声) contestant in 2005, and Jacky Cheung (张学友), one of the “Four Heavenly Kings,” led the music charts during the week from May 15 to 22.

Jacky’s Chinese Rhythm Shakes The World (中国节拍 震动世界) is China’s theme song to welcome the London 2012 Olympics. Scroll down to enjoy the song.

Here are the top five songs in China:

1. Finally (好不容易) by Jane Zhang

2. Beast (野兽) by Ding Dang (丁当)

3. Awakening (醒了) by Bai Jing (白婧)

4. Don’t Be Obsessed With Me (不要迷恋姐) by Han Yifei (韩一菲)

5. Sad Fairy Tale (伤心童话) by Hu Xia (胡夏)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. Chinese Rhythm Shakes The World (中国节拍 震动世界) by Jacky Cheung

2. Bold (厚臉皮) by Ella Chen (陳嘉樺)

3. Baba’s Words (爸爸的话) by Kenny Bee (钟镇涛)

4. Your City, Your Stories (你的城市你的故事) by Julian Chen (陳志朋)

5. Mr. Perfect by Fahrenheit (飛輪海)