May 22nd, 2012


DMG: No contact with Andy for Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 producer and DMG Intertainment Group’s CEO Dan Mintz was interviewed by Sina with regards to the selection of Asian actors for the film. Dan Mintz revealed that it’s confirmed that Fan Bingbing was contacted by the company, meanwhile there was no contact with Andy Lau and Yao Chen. With regards to media reports in Hong Kong and Taiwan that Andy Lau and Yang Mi would be included in the cast, Dan Mintz exclaimed: “The film is still in the initial stage of casting, currently we did not contact Andy Lau and Yang Mi, but we don’t discard the possibility of collaborating.”

Dan Mintz exclaimed: “The audience will be familiar with the Asian faces in Iron Man 3, our stand is to invest and produce a Chinese flavor and Chinese element international film. Meanwhile, through such films could promote Chinese actors to Hollywood, like Xu Qing as Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s wife in Looper, not supporting roles, it will be the same as Iron Man 3.”

Dan Mintz explained that Iron Man 3 is still in the initial stage of casting, “Earlier we got contacted with Fan Bingbing, Yao Chen, Liu Ye and others, but did not contact with Andy Lau and Yang Mi, we had not decided how will get the roles, thus does not discard the possibility of collaborating. If we have any confirmation, we will announce first time, please take the official news announcements by us as standard.” With regards to what the Asian actors will take up in Iron Man 3, Dan Mintz said that he’s not in position to announce now. The film is scheduled to hit the cinemas in May 2013.

Translated by: AndyLauSounds

Aaron Yan beats Jiro Wang by a nose in Sunday night idol drama ratings battle

fans were torn apart last Sunday as Aaron Yan’s new drama, “Alice In Wonder City”, premiered against Jiro Wang’s “Absolute Boyfriend”.  Here’s the result you’ve been waiting for... Aaron beat Jiro by 0.01%!  However, it's hardly anything to celebrate about as it scored a disappointing 0.65% overall.  The fans believe that both dramas were hurt due to airing at the same time, causing fans to constantly switch channels to catch both.  Fahrenheit’s manager commented, “This is how the battle of idol dramas is.  (I) can only say that both of them need to work harder.”

After “Alice’s” premiere, netizens praised Aaron's acting in violin playing scenes and expressed their liking for his nice character, but the drama failed to grab viewers’ attention due to its slow pacing.  Although Jiro has been performing well in “Absolute”, netizens feel that manga adaptations have lost its power.  This is also reflected in previous adaptations, “Skip-Beat!” and “Hayate The Combat Butler”, where both suffered in ratings. 

TTV/SETTV's "Love Forward" continued its lead with 2.45%.

Source: UDN via CpopAccess