May 20th, 2012


Saving general Yang sells well in cannes

The over 250 million RMB investment SAVING GENERAL YANG (JUNG LIT YEUNG GA JEUNG) is Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced, Ronny Yu Yun Tai directed and Stephen Tung Wai choreographed the action. Adam Cheng Siu Chau played the Song Dynasty general Yang Ye who led his seven sons including Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Yu Bo, Vic Chou Man Yu, Li Chen, Raymond Lam Fung, Wu Chun and Fu Xinbo. The film has already completed its production and is in the post production process. Editing will take place in Australia, scoring in Japan and 1,265 special effect scenes will be done in Korea. It is estimated for an early 2012 global release.

The film investor Pegasus set up a sales office at the Cannes Film Festival to display the film's latest highlight and trailer. The grandeur of the Yang family battle against the enemy was brought to life and won overseas buyers' praises. Director Yu Yun Tai said that this film was the coolest Chinese film in his life. He was very happy and touched as he hoped this film will be distributed globally.

Stepping into the second day of the Cannes Film Festival, SAVING GENERAL YANG has already sold distribution rights to three places, Disney in Taiwan, M Picture in Thailand and Icon Picture in Australia. Lam Fung was very excited to hear the news. He said that he always thought Disney would only focus on foreign films or animation, he did not expect them to recognize the filial piety, loyalty and honor that were the most important to Chinese people and for young viewers to understand the nucleus value of this tradition. If not for work he would like to promote the film in Cannes and take some time off as well.


I think they mean 2013 oop...

Edison Chen talks about Nicholas-Cecilia's damaged marriage

Known as a 'bad boy', Edison Chen accepted DJ Ocean Chan's nowTV interview and talks about his sex photo scandal and Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung's marriage crisis in detail.

When speaking of Nicholas and Cecilia's damaged marriage, Ocean expressed her pity for Edison because no matter what, he's always going to be in between Nicholas and Cecilia. Edison said: "I don't really care, I only care if they care (in English). I believe these things, it is more or less created by the media. I don't believe I have the power to end their marriage, and make them separate. To me, marriage is a very serious matter. If there were a lot of issues before, then there will be many many reasons that leads to a divorce. I don't think you need to pity me."

It was said he and Cecilia's relationship never ended? Edison just lightly sighed: "Why don't I ask these group of people (the media) to write a script for us. I also hope to start shooting a film and recruit someone to write a story. Cecilia and Nic are both my friends, so if I have affected them, I do feel a little sorry." Ocean asked after the crisis, has Edison contacted Nic? He said: "I feel we are still friends. Before his debut in the industry, we already knew each other. During my teen years, the years that changed my life, he was there with me. It is impossible to forget those days. I still feel, if we are to meet again, it would be an extremely joyous feeling. I hope."

After many years, still haven't met, has Edison ever tried to pick up the phone and call Nic? Edison said: "In fact it is very simple, someone asked me why I don't contact this person. Honestly speaking, I may not necessarily have his phone number. I also don't how to be going around asking others for his phone number. Then that will start gossips. I just believe talking over the phone may not be the best way. After all, I believe there will be one day we will meet again. I hope that day, we can keep in touch again. (Will you greet him in a very natural way?) I will, definitely will." Edison feels his relationship with Nic is like a brotherly feeling.

Source: Mingpao Weekly Issue#2271, TVBChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @