May 14th, 2012



Taiwan actress Zhu Hui-zhen (朱慧珍) had the saddest of Mother’s Days on Sunday as her only daughter died after jumping off a tall building.

The 26-year-old Zhu An-jie (朱安婕) leapt from the window of the apartment her mom rents on the 10th floor in Taipei.

She left two short notes behind, saying she was foolish and hoped the media would not disturb her family.

Hui-zhen, 50, rushed back to Taipei from Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, where she was attending a religious event.

Her manager said the mother and daughter pair was quite close and often talked to each other on the phone.

There were, apparently, no signs that An-jie would commit suicide.

Hui-zhen gave birth to An-jie while dating actor Xing Feng (邢峰).

But the two broke up soon after their daughter was born and have not been on speaking terms ever since.


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