May 7th, 2012


Stefanie Sun is pregnant

"Yes, you guys guessed it right! Yayhay!"

That was what Singapore singer, Stefanie Sun, posted on her microblog this morning where she shared the good news of her being pregnant ahead of her first anniversary with Dutch-Indonesian husband, Nadim Van Der Ros.

After trying for a baby for a year, the couple shared the good news on the eve of their wedding anniversary with the media and fans, expressing that the pregnancy is the best anniversary gift for them.

As it is the 33-year-old's first pregnancy, her family is forcing her to rest and Nadim has taken over most of the family's daily matters, making the singer exclaimed that she is "not used to it."

Stefanie's manager shared that the singer's health is in tip-top condition and nothing has changed other than her food preferences. He added that since Stefanie got pregnant, she would have a "weird taste in her mouth very often" and "took a liking to eating oranges, so much that she can have three at a go."

The singer expressed that she is happy that she can spend the upcoming Mothers' Day with her family and her unborn baby, adding that the pregnancy is still something new to her.