April 26th, 2012


Chapman To ill

Hong Kong media reports that Chapman To has been diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome and has stopped all work to recuperate from home. In a telephone interview, Chapman said that doctors have sent his blood sample to a US laboratory to diagnose the severity. A recovery period of two weeks to six months is estimated. Although potentially fatal, Chapman was optimistic and expects to recover. (Sina)


Oh man I really hope he recovers :(

Chinese Stars Shine on Beijing Red Carpet

Check out the red carpet action at the Beijing International Film Festival, where there was plenty of A-list mingling between American and Chinese stars.

It was held at the China National Convention Center on Monday in Beijing.

The day began with a screening of Jeremy Renner‘s film The Avengers!

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Free for all


Welcome to the weekly free forum post.  Members can post any off-topic randomness they wish, as long as it isn't against general comm rules.  Introduce yourself if you're new, ask for recs, whatever you wish.  It will be posted between 1pm and 3pm PST.  The lead picture rotates through celebs from different parts of the Sinosphere.  I.e. Hong Kong, China, Taiwan.

No more than 5 pics/3 gifs/3 vids per comment.  Do not post HUGE pics that will make everyone scroll sideways.

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Happy Birthday to director Johnnie To, actor Jet Li, Mayday bassist Masa and actress Joan Chen who turned 57, 49, 35 and 52 respectively this week. 

Also, if your fave's birthday was between April 22nd and April 28th and you don't see it here, let me know in the comments. :)

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Painted Skin: Resurrection releases promotional stills

Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun express "confusion over fate" in this poster.

As summer and the day Painted Skin II: Resurrection hits theaters (June 28th) approaches, more promotional stills of the upcoming movie were released. Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, and Chen Kun lead in six of the eight of the eight posters released, but we do get a glance at Kris Phillips, Yang Mi, and Feng Shaofeng in the other two posters. The posters take on a theme of a “three confusions” and “five robberies”, and can be found below the cut.

source: cfensi

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