April 25th, 2012


Hong Kong singer Anthony Wong Yiu Ming comes out

Anthony Wong (left)

Hong Kong singer Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, one-half of alternative band Tat Ming Pair, ends a 20-year speculation on his sexual orientation at his concert recently.

The Cantopop star, who's long rumoured to be a homosexual, comes out of his closet during his latest concert with Tats Lau Yi Tat (another member of Tat Ming Pair) last night.

"I’m a homosexual. I’m gay," said Wong after performing his hits Mong Gei Ta Si Ta (Forget That He is Her) and Gam Sek (Forbidden Colour).

Though the revelation does not come as surprising - considering the fact that the gay rumour has been going on for so long - the act of making it public is.

Even so, prior to that, there're signs that the musician is ready to come out. At his concert on 20th, audiences were shown a video showing him acting intimately with a male model. In the video, a question is posed: "Is Anthony Wong gay?"

Up until yesterday afternoon, Wong, 49, was still being coy about the question. Via his Weibo, he asked: "Do the media really have to know? The guessing game has gone on for 20 years. If the answer is revealed, where’s the fun?"

Source: http://www.dailychil...-wong-comes-out

Wuxia Film "The Four" Slated for Release in July

"The Four", produced by Enlight Media and considered one of the most highly-anticipated wuxia films in 2012, held a news conference in Beijing yesterday, Mtime.com reports.

Director Gordon Chan and Wang Changtian, CEO of Enlight Media, along with lead actors Deng Chao, Liu Yifei, Jiang Yiyan, Cheng Taishen, Bao Beier and Japanese actor Ryu Kohata, attended the event.

The first trailer for the film was unveiled, and it gave a glimpse of the four detectives' special skills.

Co-directed by Gordon Chan and Janet Chun and adapted from Wen Ruian's famous novel of the same name, "The Four" is Gordon Chan's first wuxia drama. His previous works such as "King of Beggars" and "Cat and Mouse" involved some wuxia elements, but this was obviously overshadowed by their comedic elements.

"I never shoot real wuxia films. In this field, my best teacher was Tsui Hark, and I don't dare get involved in this casually. I hope my teacher is able to see my efforts in this film," Chan said.

Wang Changtian, CEO of Enlight Media, and Gordon Chan announced together at the end of the conference that "The Four" is set to hit mainland screens on during the summer holiday slots on July 12, going up against Lu Chuan's costume war epic "The Last Supper" set to release on July 5.

Wang also stated that "The Four" is set to develop into a trilogy.

"I am crazy about wuxia. In negotiations with the novel's author, Wen Ruian, we intended to shoot a trilogy. As a result, the second and the third installments have started shooting before the first one's release."


can't wait for this tbh