April 24th, 2012


Hong Kong pop star Eason Chan sells out in London

LONDON (AP) — Hong Kong superstar Eason Chan's world tour has an unofficial catch-phrase: "Who the hell is Eason Chan?"

The singer says that was the question a ticket seller asked after he sold out London's O2 Arena in around 20 minutes and crashed the venue's servers.

Millions of fans already know the answer: The 37-year-old has released 30-plus solo albums and is one of the best-selling Mandarin and Cantonese pop artists.

Chan, the first Chinese artist to play at the prestigious arena, says he was surprised at the high demand for Monday night's Duo World Tour concert.

But, Chan told reporters on Sunday: "It doesn't matter what language you sing in, what makes it universal is the energy that you give out."

This is his second appearance on a London stage after performing at the Royal Albert Hall in 2010.


Top Tunes for the week ending April 24th

The top two songs leading the charts in the week from April 17 to 24 are performed by two unusual pairs of singers.

Topping the China chart were Keezh Zhang (张津涤), nicknamed the “Chocolate Boy” (巧克力男生) due to his chocolate-colored skin, and Ariel Tao (陶辚竹), a sexy music teacher, who duet Mother Coming (十月妈咪驾到).

While on the chart of Taiwan and Hong Kong, former F4 member Van Ness Wu (吳建豪) and Korean boy band 2PM member Lee Junho perform the Taiwanese TV series Tiamo Chocolate’s (愛上巧克力) theme song Undefeated (不敗).

Scroll down, let’s enjoy the featured video of the two heartthrobs’ Undefeated.

Here are the top five songs in China:

1. Mother Coming by Keezh Zhang and Ariel Tao

2. Flawed Beauty (缺陷美) by River Dai (代悦)

3. When I’m Not By Your Side (当我不在你身边) by Shane Cao (曹轩宾)

4. Ignition Point (燃点) by Hu Xia (胡夏)

5. He Doesn’t Love Me (他不爱我) by Kym Jin (金莎)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. Undefeated by Van Ness Wu and Lee Junho

2. Can’t Help Forgiving (忍不住原諒) by Landy Wen (溫嵐)

3. Failed Breakup (失敗的分手) by Anthony Neely (倪安東)

4. Time To Let Go (該放手了) by Tiger Huang (黄小琥)

5. Who Are You Afraid Of? (你怕誰) by Da Mouth (大嘴巴)



HIT5 releases new some "Fight"

Mainland flower boy group HIT5 releases new song "Fight" today! But it came the day after their CEO posted a tweet on Weibo about how "Let Shake It" is fixing the competition. Noise marketing much? Anyway this is still a good song, but the cover reminds me of those Chinese New Year song covers...


Danson Tang to star in CTI's first romantic idol drama with Michelle Wai

Taiwanese singer Danson Tang officially signed a contract with CTI, becoming the first Taiwanese artist to shoot CTI's first romantic idol drama. When asked if he's satisfied with the salary, Danson smiled and said money talks damages the relationship. As long as it's satisfying then its fine, but Danson actually wants to have a few days off when shooting Hong Kong the most, so he's able to go out and experience the HK nightlife.

Danson frankly expressed it feels very refreshing and he's excited to shoot a HK drama. He said he had been a fan of HK films and TV series since youth, and hopes he'll be able to practice his Cantonese during the process. He said: "I'll shooting in HK at the end of this month, and filming will run for about 3 months. CTI is very good, arranged a residence with service for me, very comfortable. I hope I could speak my Cantonese lines, so I don't let language drag everyone behind!"

Danson expressed he will be collaborating with Michelle Wai, Sherming Yiu and Terence Yin. He really looks forward to their collaboration. When asked if he's pleased with the salary? He said: "Money talks can damage the relationship. I am very pleased with the salary, pretty much the same as in Taiwan. Actually the long period of filming is not a problem because in Taiwan we often shoot early in the mornings or late in the evenings. However, I do hope the crew can give me a few days off, so I can go out to see Hong Kong and experience the nightlife!"

EEG had always been a good friend of TVB, but they still let their artist Michelle Wai shoot a CTI series. [Mingpao] contacted EEG to confirm, and the spokesperson expressed: "Michelle will be the lead actress in this idol drama, Carlos Chan and Kathy Yuen will also be participating. They are actors, which has nothing to do with their singer contract with TVB." Michelle expressed she will cherish each and every opportunity. This time, her collaboration with Danson will primarily be love scenes, she hopes they will create sparks.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums