April 20th, 2012



Nicholas Tse
(谢霆锋) took time out from his heavy schedule to deny that he is intimate with mainland actress Yang Mi (杨幂).

“I haven’t seen her outside work,” he insisted to reporters, after appearing at a business school to explain the secrets of his success.

Yang Mi is said to have dumped her boyfriend Hawick Lau (劉愷威) for Nicholas, and is supposed to have visited him in his hotel room when they were filming, in order to profess her love.

However, she also denied the report and added, “Nicholas is forever my idol and we have worked together but as for the rest, it’s too incredible.

The 30-year-old actress further posted on her microblog: “Lies, I’ll wait and see how long you can last.”


Ok, the more they protest, the more I believe it. :|


Bowie Tsang and Vic Zhou deny rumours of a shotgun wedding

Taiwanese actor Vic Zhou, 30, is rumoured to be holding a shotgun wedding with Taiwanese TV host, Bowie Tsang, 39.

According to a tip-off, the pair had registered their marriage in Macau a day before the Qing Ming festival. The reason for the quick marriage is Bowie is reportedly pregnant with Vic's child.

Vic and Bowie were photographed having a meal together earlier this month.

Bowie's manager explained, "Bowie only invited him to a meal as a producer (Bowie was the producer for the movie, The Killer who never kills, which Vic was initially scheduled to star in until it was canned) and they had not been in contact since."

Through her management, Bowie had also expressed that while the rumours are hilarious, it is inconsiderate to spread such rumours online just because it is harder to hold anyone responsible for it. Her manager also revealed that during the Qing Ming festival week, Bowie had been in Taiwan and had attended A-Mei's concert that week.

The TV host's manager asked the reporters in return, "If she is pregnant, won't her tummy be visible at the Hong Kong Film Awards (held last weekend)?"

In response to the rumours, Vic's management replied, "Today isn't April Fool's Day. It's a misunderstanding. Thank you for the concern."


Oh wow, lol

Anticipated films lock China dates

Distribution News

Three long-awaited films have finally locked their China release dates after months of speculation.

WONG Kar-wai 王家衛's martial arts drama The Grandmasters 一代宗師 will open on 18 Dec, WEI Te-sheng 魏德聖's war epic Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale 賽德克・巴萊 on 10 May, and Dayyan ENG 伍仕賢's black comedy Inseparable 形影不離 on 4 May 2012.

The opening of the still-in-production The Grandmasters in mid-December puts it in the midst of one of the most competitive slots in China's releasing calendar. It will likely go head-to-head with Ang LEE 李安's Life of Pi, while Jackie CHAN 成龍's Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖, which opens 12 Dec, is still on release.

Warriors, which opened in Taiwan in Sep 2011 in two parts, was submitted to the State Administration of Radio, Film & Television (SARFT) 國家廣播電影電視總局 in December in its new international version with additional cuts made for violence. Further cuts were demanded last month.

Inseparable, which stars Kevin SPACEY opposite Daniel WU 吳彥祖, had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival 부산국제영화제 in Oct 2011. It opens in China one day before The Avengers and after a slew of late April films from local directors.

Next week, NING Hao 寧浩's Guns and Roses 黃金大劫案 goes head-to-head with Leon YANG 楊樹鵬's An Inaccurate Memoir 匹夫 on 24 May, followed four days later by the release of GUAN Hu 管虎's Design of Death 殺生. All are competing with each other and Hollywood films.

Alien invasion film Battleship opened at midnight today in China, 18 Apr, two days before originally scheduled. It is itself struggling to secure screening slots from Titanic (1997), which had taken RMB467 million ($74.2 million) by Sunday night after just six days on release.



MIC's AMAZING Choreography for "Let's Shake It"

During an open rehearsal session on the 18th for the next episode of "Let's Shake It", lucky fans were able to get a sneak peek of the upcoming performance. The powerful opening featured all five boys showing off their solid dance training, then the focus transitioned to Jiannci's moving solo with his partner. For those of you who don't know, Jianci was attending Beijing Dancing Academy before joining MIC. Watch the video and be awed (lol)

I used way too much adjectives lol