April 19th, 2012

Laure Shang Wenjie

Jia Nailiang proposes to Li Xiaolu

Another couple successfully paired off in the past two years of marriages and relationships.

Following their matchmaker Dong Xuan, who married last year, Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang got engaged yesterday after three years of dating. Jia Nailiang proposed to Li Xiaolu while attending a LETV award ceremony. Supporting her are her friends, including Yang Mi, Tong Liya and Lynn Xiong, whose relationships all became official within the last year.

“Xiaolu, meeting you is the best thing that’s happened to me. I’ll … I’ll protect you with my life, make sure no one hurts you, and use my hardwork to make you live happily for the rest of your life. Xiaolu, give me a chance to take care of you for a lifetime. I love you, will you marry me?,” he said to her during the proposal, which she accepted.

Watch the proposal on video here (lol at Liu Yun’s shoutout to Chen Sicheng, and double lol at Someone Like You?) .  On a side note, Li Xiaolu’s new series, “AA Life.”  is airing  on Hunan TV, while Jia Nailiang will star in a new series based on author Tonghua (Bu Bu Jing Xin)’s only modern novel.

source: cfensi


Ken Hung releases "Grown Up"

Having recently celebrated his 25th birthday, Ken Hung declares he's fully Grown Up! The boyish EEG idol adopts a somewhat maturer image for his latest album, which is no doubt his most personal to date, with songs inspired by his own life experiences and with his monologues placed between tracks to form a narrative context. Ken is also heavily involved in the production, and his hard work is duly rewarded by getting his first ever chart-topping hit on all four major pop charts in Hong Kong with the first plug "Thinking of Someone". Other main cuts on the album include the next plugs "Forget Me Not" and "See You Someday", the Cantonese version of his Sherman Chung duet "Fools", and his duet with Alex Hung called "Four Weeks Heartbreak".

Title: Grown Up
Singer Name(s): Ken Hung - 洪卓立
Release Date: 2012-03-21
Language: Cantonese


He's really good y'all, check him out.

May Daily Presents: TOP TWEETS

Are actress Yang Mi (杨幂) and Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) an item? This was the top topic on China’s Twitter clone, Sina Weibo microblog, on Thursday.

1. Actress Yang Mi has refuted rumors that she has broken up with actor Hawick Lau (刘恺威) because she has fallen in love with Nicholas Tse.

2. Hong Kong actress Athena Chu (朱茵) announced on her microblog that she is pregnant and Beyond rock band member Paul Wong (黄贯中) is the father.

3. A 27-year-old man, surnamed Xu, said his girlfriend turned to the arms of their landlord as he hasn’t saved enough money to buy a house.

4. Jeremy Lin (林書豪) topped the chart of the Time magazine’s “100 most influential people in the world” list.

5. Beijing experienced hailstones in some areas on Wednesday night.


Wei Chen loli

Mark Zhao admits to dating Gao Yuanyuan

Gao Yuanyuan's smile is so pretty even in paparazzi pictures!!

After being caught on dates both in mainland and Taiwan,  actor  Mark Zhao confirmed his relationship with actress Gao Yuanyuan at an interview for upcoming film.  “Yuanyuan is a very good woman, and I treasure her a lot. I hope everyone will protect her and not hurt her,”  Zhao said.

source: cfensi , kankanews@YouTube


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Happy Birthday to actress Shu Qi, actor Moses Chan and director Fruit Chan who turned 36, 41 and 53 respectively this week. 

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New Cecilia Cheung Movie "Shadows of Love" to Air on May 11

I'm trying to figure out the plot right now, but it seems like Cecilia plays the role of a successful CEO who when missing so her lover (played by Kwone Sang Woo) found a double so the company wouldn't be in trouble. Also in the main cast are Angela Zhang and Jing Boran, who seems to be playing a couple.

 There's no Jing Boran tag?

China finally stops being awful

China ends repatriation of North Korean refugees

By Bose Chan

China has officially announced that it's ending its time-honored practice diplomatic practice of sending North Korean refugees back to the DPRK to face possible execution, with official Chinese government sources saying refugees being sent back is effectively"the end of their lives".

The move comes amidst shifting realities in the relationship between the two socialist states who share a deep and complex history. China's rising economic and military power makes her the most watched country on the global scene, and many have expectations of China taking on agreater role in international leadershipand more significantly, a change in attitude towards political transparency and human rights issues.

Could the new policy change have come about as a result of being left out of the loop regarding the rather roguish recent rocket launch? Human rights activists can celebrate the fact that poor communication between China and North Korea has led to the end of refugee repatriation, which is an indication of the greater strain between China and the DPRK.

The National Post quotes an anonymous source who claim the two states, like, totally aren't BFF's anymore:

“Our relationship with North Korea is no longer ‘If the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold’,” a second source with leadership ties said, quoting a Chinese idiom. “Nowadays, the teeth keep biting the lips, and it’s hurting.”

Hu Ge

Stills from Scar of Heaven released

Liu Shishi and Tang Yan reunite in another Tangren drama. Both of their men have been taken by newcomer Gulnazar.

Upcoming Tangren drama Sword of the Yellow Emperor: Scar of Heaven 轩辕剑-天之痕 promises to feature another descendant of Nv Wa, this time played by Gulnazar. Scar of Heaven takes place in the hectic Sui-Tang era, where the last prince (played by Jiang Junfu) of the extinguished Chen, Chen Jingchou, vows to restore his kingdom. He’s rivaled by Hu Ge‘s Yuwen Tuo, last prince of the extinguished Northern Zhou, and joined by a princess of the Tuoba* clan. Tangren’s leading lady Liu Shishi takes on the role of the said princess, Tuoba Yu’er. Lin Gengxin becomes Liu Shishi’s brother-in-law again, this time as the husband of Tuoba Yue’er, Tuoba Yu’er’s older sister. Tang Yan enters the drama as an agent sent from the demon realm. Can you believe that the pretty Ma Tianyu will be playing Li Shimin, one of the greatest emperors of the Tang? Look for stills below the cut.

*The Tuoba clan was the ruling family of the Northern Wei Dynasty, which formally ended when Yuwen Hu desposed of the last Tuoba emperor.

source: cfensi

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Steampunk meets martial arts in Tai-Chi 0

Starring a new male lead, Angelababy, Tony Leung, Feng Shaofeng, and Eddie Peng, Taichi 0 tells “about a young man’s long journey finding his Taichi mentor and becoming a Taichi master himself, eventually he faces a challenge to fight against an army of steam punk invaders in order to protect his villagers.”

The quirky film is produced by Huayi Brothers, directed by Hong Kong director Stephen Fung, and written by Cheng Hsiao-tse. Watch the trailer below:

source: cfensi, Jadeofficialchannel


Tang Yan in New PONDS CF

Tiffany Tang Yan recently became the new face of PONDS. Know for her fairy-like beauty in costume dramas and cute bubbly personality, Tang Yan is the perfect face model for this commercial. Check out her ubber cuteness and flawless skin in this new CF.

My poor Tang Yan doesn't have a tag either lol oh well