April 18th, 2012


Because everyone loves May Daily: Was Donnie Yen a porn star?

Donnie Yen
(甄子丹) has a porn star past, according to a recent posting.

The article, titled “Donnie Yen acted in porn films, surrounded by 10 naked women,” has become a hot topic of discussion on internet forums.

It was posted after Shu Qi (舒淇) withdrew from the world’s largest microblogging forum, Sina Weibo, after she was humiliated by posts attacking her for having a porn past.

According to the latest revelations, Donnie appeared in several porn films, including 1991′s The Holy Virgin Versus the Evil Dead (魔唇劫).

“You think only Shu Qi acted in porn? Donnie didn’t? You are wrong!

“See, you all complained that Shu Qi acted in this and that, you think Donnie is innocent and shot just kungfu movies?” the writer asked.

“I have seen three of Donnie’s porn films. He has four in total, three of which were horror movies,” the writer alleged in his post.

The writer also posted clips, allegedly from the film, to support his article.

In response, Donnie posted two lines of lyrics from Sam Hui (许冠杰) and Leslie Cheung‘s (张国荣) Silence is Golden.

“Let people laugh and scold as they like, be a carefree person,” the Ip Man star wrote.

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"Let's Shake It Up" Semi-Final: Battle of the Boybands

After qualifying into "Let's Shake It Up" semi-final with the highest score during their respective episodes, the boys of M.I.C and HIT5 met for the first time in the rehearsal room. While the rest of the members of M.I.C left to explore the beautiful city of Shanghai, M.I.C's Jianci was left alone in the rehearsal room to watch HIT5 rehearse. Baby Jianci couldn't help but feel a little intimidated and jealous when watching HIT5's unified front, and didn't hesitate to complain when his group member returned. Watch the cute encounter and dance battle that followed here:

After the battle M.I.C said they'll save their energy for Lollipop F. Catch the semi-final April 22nd.