April 17th, 2012


SPY Guest Performance on "Keep On Dancing" in Taiwan

Chinese girl group SPY recently visited Taiwan for a special performance on "Keep on Dancing" The girls' dancing improved a lot since last year (if that's even possible) and opened their own dance studio last year. There's really not much information on them since they seem to be more of a dance crew then girl group. They did release two singles last year (the dance tutorial for one of the songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX9Zs-1TSQI) I would love to do a pimp post on these girls on day. enjoy their performance =)

first time posting...

Smarmy looking guy on left poisoned by smirking guy on right

British businessman Neil Heywood was poisoned with cyanide after siphoning nearly $1.3 billion out of the country for Bo Xilai (薄熙来) and wife Gu Kailai (谷开来).

Bo and his aides are said to be behind the killing because Heywood was having an affair with Gu.

Heywood was found dead in a Chongqing hotel. It was said at the time that he drunk himself to death, and he was quickly cremated.

But now a Chongqing official has admitted preparing the poison on the orders of Bo.

Bo has since been purged from the Communist Party politburo and is under house arrest, along with his wife.



Kai Ko denies Macau date with Elva Hsiao

After winning Best Chinese Movie award at the recent Hong Kong Film Awards, the cast of The Apple of my Eye returned to Taiwan in triumph.

Upon his return, the movie's lead actor Kai Ko was again quizzed on his relationship with Elva Hsiao. Kai strongly denied that he is in a relationship with Elva. The actor claimed that he had nothing to hide and from the photographs, it was clear that the pair was not holding hands.

When asked if he would still date in the vicinity of the National Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum , he replied, "Yes, that is a public place."
So will Kai celebrate the win with Elva?
"Maybe," was the answer from the actor.

Director Gidden Ko's kiss with Kai on stage at the awards ceremony had also caused an uproar among the netizens. When Elva was asked to comment on the kiss, she responded humorously, "I give them my blessings!"

Meanwhile, in response to rumours that Kai and Elva were on a date in Macau on Apr 13, the singer's manager revealed, "She returned to Taiwan on Apr 12 and was busy recording and rehearsing. Her passport will be able to prove that."
Kai's manager had also replied, "Only the two of us went (to Macau)."


Deanie Yip wins first ever Best Actress award at Hong Kong Film Awards

At the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards yesterday, director Ann Hui's A Simple Life was the biggest winner of the night. The movie won awards for best director, movie, actor, actress and screenplay.

The movie's lead actress, Deanie Yip won her first ever Best Actress award at the Hong Kong Film awards last night. Including the win last night, she had won six best actress awards with her role in A Simple Life. Deanie had already won the Best Actress Awards at Venice, Golden Horse Awards, Estonia, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards and the Asian Film Awards earlier this year.

In her acceptance speech, Deanie said, "I can only get this award when I am over the age of 60. I believe I will not have this chance again. It feels like I am saying my last words, but this is the truth. If not because of Andy and Ann's recognition, I would not have this chance."

Co-star Andy Lau, age 51, picked up his third Best Actor win at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Prize presenter Sandra Ng even joked before presenting the award to Andy, "I think he's really amazing, to be able to make someone pregnant even at his age".

During his speech, Andy revealed that he was afraid that he would go home empty handed. The veteran actor expressed, "I believe the biggest reason (for my win) is the contribution I have given to the Hong Kong film industry. This has given me a lot of brownie points. I would like to thank all the judges, the director and Deanie. Without them, I would not be able to receive this award."

Audience was also stunned when director Giddens Ko passionately kissed his star from The Apple of my Eye, Kai Ko.


China's Movie Sector Becomes Second-largest

China overtook Japan as the world's second-biggest cinema market in the first quarter of the year thanks to the breakneck growth of the nation's film industry, but its overwhelming reliance on the box office showed both its huge potential and immaturity, according to industry experts.

Last year, China's box-office receipts grew 33.3 percent to 13.15 billion yuan ($2.08 billion) and the industry's market value reached 17.25 billion yuan.

Continued growth in the first quarter of this year made China surpass Japan in box-office receipts, said Mike Ellis, Asia-Pacific president of the Motion Picture Association of America, at a conference on Thursday, without elaborating.

The number of China's cinema screens has increased from 4,753 in 2006 to 10,700 in 2011, according to Ellis.

"Last year, China added on average eight screens in a single day. No nation in the world grew at that fast pace," said Ellis.

The US film industry "is not growing, but internationally the market is doing terrifically well, here and throughout other nations", Ellis told China Daily.

Box-office receipts in the United States and Canada totaled $10.2 billion in 2011, down 4 percent compared with 2010, according to MPAA statistics.

But the US share of the global market grew from 57.3 percent in 2010 to 58.4 percent in 2011.

During Vice-President Xi Jinping's February visit to the US, China agreed to allow 14 more foreign films into the domestic market annually. Foreign film companies will also be permitted to take a 25 percent cut of the box office, compared with 13 percent previously.

Ellis said this presented an "exciting picture" for the US film industry.

He has also noted despite its rapid growth, China's film industry is still largely untapped as the average Chinese person only goes to cinema 0.3 times per year, compared with over five times annually in Iceland, the top movie-going country.

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